2047 mein Mere Sapno Ka Bharat Kaisa Hoga In English

2047 mein Mere Sapno Ka Bharat Kaisa Hoga In English

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2047 mein Mere Sapno Ka Bharat Kaisa Hoga In English

I am a resident of India and I am proud of my country. I envision the India of my vision as a great country in 2047.

In 2047, the India of my vision will be such that all the countrymen will live in peace and happiness. This India will be like ancient glorious India. In ancient times, India was called the golden bird.

I envision an India in 2047 in which there is economic prosperity, our lives are prosperous and we do not spread our hands in front of any country.

India has been the guide of the world culturally and spiritually. Students from all over the world used to come to study in our Nalanda and Takshashila universities. Today we take pride in going abroad and getting an education.

We envision an India by 2047 which is once again capable of leading the world culturally and spiritually. Our culture is one of the best in the world.

We are proud that people of different castes, religions, classes live together in India. Our culture is known for unity in diversity. The past few decades have also seen a boom in various industries for India.

To make India a happy country by 2047, we have to work in some of the following areas such as education, poverty-free India, improving healthcare, cleanliness, self-reliance, skill-development, protection of the environment, water conservation, cottage industries, Providing equal opportunities, exploitation free, terrorism free, etc.

I envision such an India in 2047 in which the capitalist people, politically active people, etc. will not be able to exploit any farmer, laborer, or common man.

In India, all the people will get equal opportunity and there will be no discrimination of high and low, small or big.

I envision India as a fully democratic country where all citizens will be able to enjoy freedom and all political parties will have the freedom to act under the constitution of the country.

the India of my vision In 2047

In 2047, the India of my vision will be such where people of different castes, religions, groups, economic and social will continue to live together and the youth of the country get admission in various institutions.

And after getting a good education, the youth will contribute to the growth of the country as an economic, military, etc.

In 2047, the India of my vision will be such an India in which the ideal of “Ram Rajya” of Gandhiji will be there and there will be no corruption, etc. anywhere in the country.

Every person should have such love for his nation as a mother has for her child, then only the dream of India of my visions will be fulfilled.


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