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Essay on Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, the name in itself speaks volumes. He is considered the greatest president of the United States of America. Historians and Political Scientists consistently rank him as the best American president ever. Above all, the man is renowned for ending slavery in his country. This certainly created a world-wide awareness against the evil of slavery. In the realm of social reform, he is holding a lofty status.

Abraham Lincoln was born on 12 February 1809 in a wooden house in Sinking Spring Farm near Hodgenville, Kentucky. His father’s name was Thomas Lincoln and his mother’s name was Nancy Lincoln. His parents came from England, who later moved to New Jersey. Abraham Lincoln’s family was very poor and he earned his livelihood by farming. Lincoln’s family was evicted from their land due to a land dispute and they were forced to leave the city.

In 1811, their family moved to Knob Creek Farm, they made that land fit for farming and started cultivating it. In 1816, the Abraham family settled in Indiana, where they cleared up forests and started farming. Even today, his form has been kept as a memorial. When Abraham was 9, his mother, Nancy, died. After this, his father married another woman named Sara. Abraham grew up, he wanted employment that yielded more profits through less work. He built a boat and started working as a boatman, which gave him good profits. After this, Abraham Lincoln started working as a manager in a store.

Abraham Lincoln : Education and Politics

Abraham Lincoln completed his law studies while working in this store. After some time he became the postmaster in the village, due to which people started knowing him and started respecting him. Then he thought of going into politics, keeping in view the troubles of the local people because at that time slavery was at its peak. Abraham Lincoln hated the atrocities on slaves since the beginning and wanted to abolish slavery. With this idea, he entered politics and contested the MLA, but he faced defeat in that election. On the other hand, while contesting elections, he had also left the post master’s job, due to which he had a shortage of money. Everything in Abraham Lincoln’s life was going against him. There was a time in his life when he was so depressed that he used to stay away from knives because he was afraid that he might kill himself.

A friend of his at that time boosted his morale and drove him out of depression. Abraham Lincoln contested again with the help of his friend and this time he won the election. After this victory, he was counted amongst the youngest MLAs. He then inspired the youth and they became his ardent followers. Abraham Lincoln was now licensed to become a lawyer and then he met a famous lawyer. Both of them started working together but after some time his friend left him. Abraham Lincoln was also failing in advocacy because he did not take money to fight the cases of the poor. He practiced for 20 years.

Historical Reputation

Many surveys of the Presidents of the United States have taken place. Many scholars and experts of the United States took part in such surveys. Most noteworthy, Lincoln is always ranked in the top 3 in such surveys. Furthermore, there has been an organization of Presidential ranking polls since 1948. Abraham Lincoln certainly has the top rating in most of such polls.

Probably the most famous survey was by Chicago Tribune in 1982. There was a participation of 49 Historians and Political Scientists in that survey. These experts were to rate all the United States Presidents in five categories. The categories were: leadership, crisis management, political skills, appointments, and character/integrity. As was probably the prediction of most people, Lincoln got top place. Most noteworthy, Lincoln got top place in all the categories. This shows his magnificent historical reputation.

Many social reformers view him as a champion of liberty. He has the description of a classic liberal by historians. He is a role model to liberal intellectuals and human rights organizations. Some of his avid supporters even compare his life to Jesus Christ.

Abraham Lincoln : Memory and Memorials

Abraham Lincoln appears on many postage stamps in the United States. His image also appears on two United States currency denominations. His sculpture on Mount Rushmore is certainly a world-class memorial. Furthermore, his other memorials include Ford’s theatre, Peterson House, and Lincoln Memorial.

The United States military greatly honours Lincoln. Many believe him to a symbol of national unity and pride. Two United States navy ships bear his name.

Abraham Lincoln was certainly a legendary American president. Probably everyone believes him to be a global icon of peace. His legacy is a powerful symbol against oppression. Above all, his greatest contribution to mankind is the emancipation of slaves. The forces of evil tried to stop him. However, his legacy became more glorious because of such attempts. Finally, his assassination took place at the hands of evil forces. However, this assassination left him as a national martyr. The name of Abraham Lincoln certainly belongs in the pages of greatness.

Abraham Lincoln : Struggles and Death

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln contested for the Presidency of the United States of America and eventually achieved the greatest success of his life by becoming the 16th President of the United States. After becoming the 16th President of America on 6 November 1860, Abraham did a lot of important works that have not only national but international importance as well. Abraham Lincoln’s greatest achievement was the emergence of America from the Civil War. The credit for the abolition of slavery by amending the Constitution of America also goes to Abraham Lincoln. On April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln and his wife were in Washington DC to watch a play in the Ford’s Theatre, where he was shot by a famous actor John Wilkes Booth and on the next day, on 15 April 1865, Abraham died.


The life-story of Abraham Lincoln is a source of inspiration for all of us. The struggles after which Abraham Lincoln achieved such great success, teaches us to move forward with a never-say-positive attitude in life

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