Complaint Letter Format

Complaint Letter Format: Topics, Template, Examples

Complaint Letter Format : It is always a hassle complaining about faulty or unsatisfactory purchases or services. You must obviously write a letter since a telephone call will get you nowhere. Start by stating where and when you purchased the goods in question and then move on to explain why they are not satisfactory. Provide a full and detailed list of the problems you have encountered. State what you wish to be done about the situation – whether you wish for a replacement item or you money back.

Complaint Letter Format

You can write to complain to sellers or vendors/organisations for selling/delivering defective items, incomplete order, non-payment respectively. Letter of complaint can also be written to concerned authorities, regarding a social issue one faced recently or faces daily.

The letter must have:

  • Details about the product/services/social problem. In case of products and services, include details, such as bill number, model number, date of purchase, etc.
  • Mention what is causing the problem and how it is affecting you. In case, you are complaining about a social problem, write about how it is causing the general public to suffer.
  • For products/services, request for replace, return or refund. Request for a quick action to be taken to prevent a social problem.

Complaint Letter Format

Senders’ Address


Receivers’ Address

Subject: _______________________________



Yours Sincerely


Complaint Letter Format
Complaint Letter Format

Complaint Letter Examples

  • Complaint Letter for Bad Condition of Roads
  • Complaint Letter for Book Order Received Late and Damaged
  • Complaint Letter for Broken Gates and No Greenery in Park
  • Complaint Letter for Chaotic Conditions in Casualty Department
  • Complaint Letter for Chaotic Conditions in Casualty Ward
  • Complaint Letter for Defective Book
  • Complaint Letter for Defective Pair of Shoes
  • Complaint Letter for Defective Watch
  • Complaint Letter for Dilapidated Condition of Public Monument
  • Complaint Letter for Flouters of Quarantine Rules
  • Complaint Letter for Hotel Stay Refund
  • Complaint Letter for Increased Risk of Malaria and Dengue
  • Complaint Letter for Increasing Cases of Chain Snatching
  • Complaint Letter for Inferior Accommodation and Food Facilities on Trip
  • Complaint Letter for Insanitary Conditions in Colony
  • Complaint Letter for Insanitary Conditions Prevailing in Locality
  • Complaint Letter for Irregular Delivery of Letters
  • Complaint Letter for Leaking Flat
  • Complaint Letter for Loss of Suitcase in Train
  • Complaint Letter for Park in a State of Utter Neglect
  • Complaint Letter for Poor Bus Service
  • Complaint Letter for Poor Picture Quality of Television
  • Complaint Letter for Poor Service of Internet Connection
  • Complaint Letter for Repair or Replacement of Defective TV
  • Complaint Letter for Repair or Replacement of Refrigerator
  • Complaint Letter for Replacement of Colour TV
  • Complaint Letter for Sewage Problem in Locality
  • Complaint Letter for Theft of Scooter
  • Complaint Letter for Unauthorised Parking of Vehicles
  • Complaint Letter for Use of Loudspeakers
  • Complaint Letter for Wardrobe Made of Recycled Wood Shaving
  • Complaint Letter for Water Scarcity and Conserving Water
  • Complaint Letter: Taps Left Open, Waste of Water

Complaint Letter for Repair or Replacement of Refrigerator

You bought a refrigerator two months ago from Mohan Sales, Ashok Vihar, Bangalore. It has developed certain problems regarding its functioning. Cooling has stopped and it is making a lot of noise. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager asking him for immediate repair/replacement of the same. You are Sachin/Shashi, 61 Pratap Enclave, Bangalore.

61, Pratap Enclave

2nd March, 20××

The Manager Mohan Sales
Ashok Vihar

Subject: Faulty Refrigerator


This is in regards to the brand new refrigerator I bought last month from your shop. Please refer to the invoice number ABC/1234 dated 2nd February, 20××. The refrigerator was working fine at the time of purchase and continued to function properly for nearly twenty days. Of late, it has developed certain problems regarding its functioning. The cooling has stopped completely and it is also making a lot of noise.

Mohan Sales enjoys a great reputation and goodwill in the market. However, this experience has left me utterly disappointed. The refrigerator was bought with a warranty of one year. Since it is still in the warranty period, I would request you to either repair or replace the product at the earliest. I am enclosing a copy of the bill for your reference.

Thank you

Yours sincerely
Shashi Shah

Encl. Copy of bill

Complaint Letter for Replacement of Colour TV

You are Divyansh/Divyanshi of C-25 Subhash Nagar, New Delhi. Recently, you purchased, a colour TV which is not working properly. Write a letter of complaint to Messrs Frontier Electronics Corporation, Karol Bagh, New Delhi asking for its immediate replacement. Invent necessary details.

C-25 Subhash Nagar
New Delhi

26th February 2020

The Sales Manager
Messers Frontier Electronics Corporation
Karol Bagh, Delhi

SubjectRegarding the Complain of Colour TV


This is with reference to the purchase of colour T.V set from your outlet against cash memo number 123 dated January 2nd. For about a month, it worked well. But about 15 days ago, the T.V. set started giving trouble. It is not working properly. Earlier there was a sound problem detected in the set. I thought that it was due to a weak signal. But it recurred with more frequency. When I tried to adjust the knobs, the picture got blurred sometimes even the colours fade away.

Since the T.V set is within the warranty period of 2 years, you are requested to get the defects, rectified by your service engineer. In case the set is beyond repair, kindly get it replaced.

Hoping for early favourable action.

Your sincerely


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