Critical Analysis Culture And Imperialism

Critical Analysis Culture And Imperialism | What Is The Relationship Between Culture And Imperialism

Critical Analysis Culture And Imperialism : Edward said in his book ‘’ Culture and imperialism’’ appears as a champion of liberalism. He is of the view that undue stress on under developing countries is a barrier for their solidarity and piece. He discusses the culture of imperialism in the context of European history. He studies all the ways in which the imperialist culture flourished in the African countries under the influence of European influence.

Critical Analysis Culture And Imperialism

This book is a criticism on the imperialistic approach of the European territories. According to Edward said these western countries only victimize the poor nations to build their political influence. They impose their western culture and norms in the colonized countries to demolish their heritage, culture and norms. These countries are funded by superpowers to attain their materialistic pursuit. They work in a specific pattern to dominate these under developing countries. In this article we will discuss about Culture and Imperialism by Edward said that topic which are these Culture and imperialism by Edward Said summary: Culture and imperialism by Edward Said, analysis and Critical analysis of culture and imperialism by Edward Said, Introduction to culture and imperialism by Edward Said summary, Relationship between culture and imperialism by Edward Said, Introduction to Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said summary in detailed, what is the relationship between is the relationship between culture and imperialism.

Culture and imperialism by Edward

Culture and imperialism by Edward Said critical analysis can be judged in this sense, according to Edward said; ‘’ imperialism means the practice, the theory and the attitude of a dominating metropolitan center that rules a distant territory’’. We can analyze this statement as the attempts of a dominating country to rule over the subjugated nations on the name of providing them freedom and due rights. But all this phenomena is based on their own notions of freedom and independence. They colonize the distant territories in order to bring reformation there. But their innate desire is something to corrupt the system by doing social injustice. They title their act as a blessing for the colonized territories. These countries are playing the role of  imperial giant in the colonized areas.

 Introduction to Culture and Imperialism by Edward

Introduction to Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said summary in detailed, critical analysis, relationship are very vivid in this essay, European chief interest lies in the business and trade. For this purpose they adopt the culture of imperialism in that area. They came there to build their commercial enterprises. Their chief interest lies in getting the materialistic pursuit. They are the exploiters of these under developing countries. They came there to get access to their raw material and natural resources. They sign different agreement to get access to these blessings hidden in the Asian and African Countries. They do this task with consistency that they make other realize that they are the savior of these colonized nations.

Edward said makes many references from the English history to strengthen his argument and view point. He has quoted from many novels and writers in the context of Culture and imperialism. He brings to light about many hidden realities of imperialist approach of western countries. He defends his view point throughout the book .This shows his deep Concern towards the exploitation of the colonized countries. He challenges the supremacy of America and Europe over the Africa and Asia.

Edward said has quoted from the works of Joseph Conard, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Chinua Achebe and W.B Yeast. He has quoted from their famous work in the context of imperialism. He commemorates their efforts to highlight about this concept in their works. He is of the view that novels can serve as a guide to the common people that they can understand the harsh truths about imperialism. These ignorant people were not aware of the fact that these countries were exploiting them under the title of colonialism and imperialism. These novel provided a outlook to think about the atrocities done by these imperialistic nations. These works let the reader to know about the past and present state of colonialism developing in the territories. This is the attempt to unmask the ugly faces of European countries and their atrocities.

By making a reference towards the novel ‘’Heart of darkness’’, he has examined the efforts of Joseph to show the imperialistic conditions prevailing in the center of Congo. Joseph giving the impression that the native people were treated as niggers and savages has created a imperialistic outlook of these liberal minded Europeans. They were the defenders of freedom and liberty only to the extent that where they find their own interest and pursuit. Heart of darkness is the tale of the colonized Congo where the atrocities were done under the title of reformation and civilization. White European nations were in the favor of forming civilized societies and institutions in the colonized areas. They were working under the title of reformation and civilization. But what they are practicing is just opposite to their words. They are busy in establishing enterprises and business firms in order to strengthen their position in the map of world. They are making researches only for the purpose of gaining access to the raw materials and natural resources lying there in colonized areas. We find white men looking for treasures of ivory sent to Europe in the Heart of darkness. They used to exploit these poor nations under the title of colonialism and civilization.

These English men went there with an idea of subjugating the niggers and savages. They used to dominate over them with rigorous force. They have come there to eradicate evil but they were the producer of that evilness by themselves. Some colonizers go there only for the purpose of stealing their minerals and materials but the European have the idea to settle there in order to rule there and become the sole lord of that territory. They just came there to grab everything of that land. This is the same case with the modern colonizer of the 19th century. They have occupied a central place in many under developing countries.

‘’Great expectation’’ is also an attempt to unmask the ugly faces of the exploiters. In this novel we see Australia as a colony designed for the rehabilitation of the victimized. But this does not serve the concerned idea but became a colonized area. Pip was not intended to go there in order to show a contrast to the idea of imperialism. Dickens has not viewed the concept with the imperialistic approach but the modern critics tend to go on with the same idea. They have extracted the idea from the contextual history of imperialism found in the novel. They title as a colonial study of the Australia.

As we can analyze that US is making attempts to rule over the New World Order in order to exercise extreme power and freedom. She have gained access to the infrastructure handling the under developing countries. US is able to set different enterprises in order to gain materialistic pursuits. There is stability in their business and trade that they can lead to a progressive path. They have the control on their economy. Their political condition is much stronger than the colonized areas. They have an open way to commit atrocities under the title of colonialism. They are the savior of under developing countries in the eyes of World Organizations. So they claim superiority above the Asian and African countries on the base of social and political stability. 19th century has a critical history of imperialism and colonialism.

We can witness the efforts among the Europeans to become the sole leader and the champion of the continent. Firstly they have exploited the under developing countries, but now we see a race among them to gain supremacy above all the nations of the world. England and France are in the attempt to defeat each other. We have seen a history of world war between the two countries. The European countries are trying to dominate each other in order to get the title of sole ruler of the continent. They are trying to subjugate each other and dominate with great use of force and power. They make an attempt to misuse power to get their ends.

These European countries try to establish their own culture rising above the other. They try to demolish the culture of other nations by imposing certain laws and regulations. They also take the help from the misuse of power and authority. They consider their culture as superior and best to be followed by the other third world countries. They try to penetrate it with great deal and force among other. When they establish certain colonies in the distant territories they force the people to adapt their culture. They also do this in the context of religion. Chinua Achebe’s ‘’thing falls apart’’ is the greatest reference in this regard. We see the white missionaries settling there in the Igbo society to demolish their culture and religion. They white men have done so with so much clear approach that most men of the tribe were inclines towards the new religion settled by these white men.

They came with a great idea of making people follower of their culture and religion. The people don’t feel any danger to their culture while adapting to this new culture. They preach about morality and reformation for all on equal basis. But there attempts are only made for the benefit of their own people. They provide opportunities to their own native people. They are the consistent hindrance to the progress of these colonized countries .Edward said has unmasked the cruel behavior of America in order to gain power. They do certain atrocities to sustain their position and stability. He has criticized the acts of brutality and cruelty of subjugating the nations.

Connection between the culture and imperialism

Edward said has thus developed a connection between the culture and imperialism. He has focused on three major territories spreading the culture of imperialism. He has given a critical history of their cultural influence gained through the exercise of power. There is possibility of creating a homogenous culture among these colonized countries. Because they are influenced by some foreign culture .They are deceiving the third world countries in order to dominate over them. They build their empire and enterprises in the colonized area to gain maximum power. In the early 19th and the 2oth century most of the countries that were dominated by western countries were able to free themselves from the influence of these countries.

But they have faced a lot of hindrance in their path to get freedom. European countries want to be the ruler of these colonized areas. Thus colonized countries have suffered a lot on the part of their struggle for freedom. But Edward is of the opinion that western countries are able to retain their identity in these areas to some extent. They have demolished these colonies but retained their cultural influence on them. They are still able to exercise power and liberty in these areas. Their imperialistic outlook has not ended yet. They are imperialistic at the core of their heart to exploit other. But in the present world there is no space for any kind of imperialism and colonialism. Everyone should be treated as a individual human being. He should be given the right of their livings according to the laws of the world. Now there are several organizations that are responsible for the peace of world. Now there is a need to spread awareness to eradicate the culture of imperialism. Now the third world countries are also gain stability and power. There is need to condemn the culture of brutality and imperialism in order to gain world peace. We smell a sense of prejudice and hatred against the third world countries by dominant countries.

They want to exterminate all these people who proved to be a hindrance in their imperialistic outlook. Edward said is of the view that there should be a culture of peace of harmony among the nations. It will be fruitful for all the nations and countries to get a path to prosperity. If all the nations work together to get their collective pursuits, it will be ac great success in this regard. But there are some countries they are not willing to surrender before other countries. They consider themselves superior and ruler of the all countries. Such attitude will be a constant danger to the prosperity of all the countries. This will lead to flourish culture of imperialism and cruelty. But there is also a suggestion to build a world government with the coordination of all the countries to gain peace and solidarity. The European countries should not be a hindrance for the prosperity of third world countries. They should be given equal rights of human dignity and basic knowledge.


In short, we can say that Culture and imperialism by Edward Said Culture and imperialism by Edward Said, analysis and Critical analysis of culture and imperialism by Edward Said, Introduction to culture and imperialism by Edward Said summary, Relationship between culture and imperialism by Edward Said, Introduction to Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said summary in detailed, what is the relationship between is the relationship between culture and imperialism Edward Said unveil the mask of the so called of imperialist’s attitude .

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