Does Prospero represent Shakespeare

Does Prospero represent Shakespeare -Discuss

Does Prospero represent Shakespeare : Do you think that Prospero is Shakespeare himself? Discuss.

Does Prospero represent Shakespeare

“The Tempest’ is Shakespeare’s last play. In the play, Prospero is the central figure. There are so many similarities between Shakespeare and the character of Prospero. Critics discover autobiographical element in it and claim that Prospero is Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s dramatic world :

Prospero’s island-On an island, as result to a tempest, all the characters of the play come together. The ship is broken, but the passengers are somehow saved. They reach the different parts of the island. Alonso, the King of Naples thinks Ferdinand, his worthy son is drowned. Prospero, the right Duke of Milan rules the island. He was banished unlawfully. He is a great magician and his potent spirit Ariel had raised the tempest. Antonio, his brother usurped the throne of Milan.

To teach a lesson to Antonio, the tempest is raised by Prospero who lives here with his daughter Miranda. Like Prospero’s island, Shakespeare had created his dramatic world. In this world, he ruled with the help of his high imagination and domination over baser instincts of making mean compromises Because of that horrible experience, Miranda hates Caliban. She calls Caliban a hateful slave who has nothing good in him. She feels sorry when Prospero shows pity on him.

Prospero advises Miranda to be large-hearted and develop a positive outlook for every creature. In spite of being foul-minded, Caliban fulfills a great purpose for them. If Prospero gives up Caliban, there would be none to arrange for fire and bring wood. Only by adjusting with him, they can lead a comfortable life. It represents how Shakespeare can’t fully give up the baser aspect of literary writing. He has to make compromise otherwise the play would fail and Shakespeare would loose his earning.

Shakespeare’s dramatic art and the heir dramatist :

Miranda and Ferdinand-‘The Tempest’ is a great symbolical play. Miranda is symbol of Shakespeare’s dramatic art. When it attains full maturity, it becomes his duty to hand it over to a worthy young man. Miranda looks very beautiful and Ferdinand falls in love with her. Prospero is happy seeing their affection to each other, but puts some obstacle in their union so that Ferdinand might not take her as an easy task. Besides, he succeeds in testing if Ferdinand deserves to be Miranda’s husband or not. Ferdinand should not take Miranda for an easy reward. With this purpose, Prospero asks Ferdinand to work hard and it delights Prospero’s heart that Ferdinand is a sincere worker. To reward his labour, Prospero agrees to get him married to Miranda. It is therefore, Miranda is married to Ferdinand.

Does Prospero represent Shakespeare

Ferdinand is symbol of the young dramatist who would preserve the dramatic art. Now a new sort of characters and their world would be witnessed by dramatic art and presented on the stage. For the first time in her life, Miranda sees so many human beings. She wonders seeing so many goodly creatures on that island. She had seen none except Prospero, Ferdinand and Caliban. She had never imagined that mankind is full of such a great variety and beauty. She realizes that the new world has such people in it. Prospero knows that this all is new to Miranda. It shows Shakespeare’s optimism. He is sure that after him, drama would not decline, but flourish with new colours.

Shakespeare’s dramatic craftsmanship:

Prospero’s magic and show-Prospero approves the marriage of Miranda with Ferdinand. Prospero presents a show of fairies to celebrate their union. When the show is over, he makes a speech to declare his retirement from the supernatural activities as a magician. Critics discover autobiographical element in it and claim that Prospero is Shakespeare and magic is symbol of Shakespeare’s dramatic craftsmanship. Prospero claims that he is taking retirement from his life as a magician. Now his magical show is over.

His magic was powerful enough to do wonders. He commanded the lower world too and graves opened to obey him. These actors, whom he presented as living creatures, were all spirits and they have disappeared into air when his show is over. He has no interest in working as magician. He had a daughter who is married to a worthy prince. He has decided to lead the life of a common man. He will break his magic rod and drown his magic book for if they are owned by an evil-minded person, the magic powers may be misused by him. ‘The Tempest’ is a great symbolical play, The speech has a symbolical meaning. Prospero is symbol of Shakespeare.

The show of fairies is symbol of his plays. “The Tempest’ is his last play. It is symbol of his retirement as a dramatist. “The Tempest’ was composed in 1612 and Shakespeare died in 1616. The following lines of the play suggest more symbols. Milan is symbol of Stratford-upon-Avon and though is symbol of year.

And thence retire me to my Milan, where

Every third thought shall be my grave.


The play is symbolical as well as autobiographical. Prospero may well be taken for an artistic symbol of Shakespeare.

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