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Essay on Acid Rain for Students and Children

Essay on Acid Rain for Students and Children | Causes, Effects, Methods to Avoid: Acid Rain refers to water containing acidic contents like Sulphuric and Nitric acid. The Acid Rain included rains, fog, dew, snow, and some other water contents that fall from the sky. It happened due to the release of the pollutants by the human needs or establishments for human needs into the atmosphere. However, it was very harmful to the environment and majorly for aquatic life. Similarly, the below essay on Acid Rain contains why acid rains will fall, its effects, methods to avoid acid rain and much more information.

Small Essay on Acid Rain

Acid Rains are caused by human activities released into the atmosphere. Where all the pollutants are absorbed by the atmosphere ie clouds and combined with the water molecules present in it. At the time of rains, it releases the acid content molecules of water to the surface of the earth. The environment on the surface of the earth like trees, monuments, forests, humans, water bodies will be affected by the content of acid present in water. Industries and ships have huge and high chimneys where all the harmful gases and pollutants are released into the air. These lead to the formation of acid contents and form acid rains. Usually, these acid rains contain the acid components of sulphuric and nitric where are harmful to all living things. burning of fossil fuels and production of electric generation contributes more amount of sulphuric and nitric acids in the atmosphere.

Acid rains are found in various parts around the world and these places are densely populated added with more industrialization. South Africa, Russia, China, Parts of America, South Asian countries like Sri Lanka, India, etc are the places where this environmental issue was found. The acids which reach the land get mixed with the surface or the water bodies present on the earth’s surface and travels to oceans and affect the aqua life. These acid contents are harmful to all the living beings in the ecosystem. To overcome these all causes should get an end and save nature and all the living beings from death.

Long Essay on Acid Rain

Acid Rain will be the same as normal rain where the PH level of the water that comes from the sky will be different. Acid rain contains the contaminants of Sulphuric and nitric acids. These are formed due to the activities done by humans and the procedure which extracts or exposes the harmful contents into the air. The harmful gases and pollutants are transmitted to the sky and combined with the water molecules present in the clouds. The combination of acidic contents and water reach the earth and destroy living beings and various monuments and structures.

Causes of Acid Rains

The causes of Acid rains are major human activities and some by natural activities. A volcanic eruption which is a natural disaster exposes a huge amount of harmful gases and ash into the atmosphere. These extracted gases move into the clouds and combine with water molecules present in the clouds. On the other hand, human activities like the combustion of fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, coal, and some others will release harmful contents during the process. Production of electricity with coal and combustion of liquids for running vehicles are the major cause of acid rain.

Types of Acid Rains

Acid rains were divided into two types i.e, Wet deposition and Dry deposition. Wet deposition refers to the form of rains where it makes to settles the acid contents on the earth’s surface. As it has fallen on the ground it starts way to the water bodies, after combining with water bodies these acid contents harm the aquatic and marine living beings. Dry Deposition means all the acidic components from the atmosphere fall onto the earth and attaches to the ground or the various surfaces like buildings, vehicles, trees, monuments. However Dry deposition is the way for the spread the acidic pollutants.

Effects of Acid Rains

The effect of Acid Rains will be major to the aquatic life in all the water bodies. As sulphuric and nitric acids are harmful to living beings where it affects their health they even lead to death. It affects the monuments and various structures present in the acid rain observed area. Humans face many skin problems and if they took acidic water into the body it affects the health and function of body parts. It even affects the air content and acidifies the pure air. An example of the acid rain effect is changing the color of the Taj Mahal in India.

Methods to avoid Acid Rains

For avoiding Acid rains in the ecosystem, humans should first stop all the causes which expose harmful gases into the air. Using solar energy rather than producing current from the combustion of coal. Higher height construction of chimneys should be demolished. The usage of vehicles should be replaced with eco-friendly ways. Increase in using compost pits rather than burning of plastic and organic waste and many more steps. However we cannot stop the natural disaster, so even if we change the humans cause damage to the environment and form of Acid Rains. All the steps which need to follow by humans are essential for the enrichment of nature and the aqua lives to the further centuries.


 Acid Rains can be stopped by human activities are once get into control. For this reducing activities, the only solution is to stop human activity causes. As there are eco-friendly ways and alternatives for damaging activities, humans should inculcate those steps into their daily routine. Acid rain even affects humans in the scarcity of aqua food, health issues, and if it continues it lead to other hazards to the environment. So the need arose to stop the environmentally damaging process and move to sustain with eco-friendly ways. Stop the Acid Rains not to arise the scarcity of water and the better environmental days in the future.

We believe that the Acid Rains Essay provided you with a lot of unknown information and contains its causes, types, effects, and solution steps. This essay will useful for children and also for awareness about the environmental issue.

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