Essay on Agriculture and Rural Development

Essay on Agriculture and Rural Development for Students and Children

India is a country with an assortment of ethnicity and background. The soul of real India reclines in the rural areas. Besides, the wits of India recline in the urban areas. And the heart resides in the rural areas. Rural areas are not just foremost for India, They are of huge importance for all the countries in the world. Agriculture is the backbone of India. And the process of agriculture is carried out only in the rural parts of India. It is not just a part of life, It is a way of life for people residing in the rural areas.

“Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man”.

At present, Urbanization has made way to many opportunities and conveniences. This domino affected the voyage of people from rural areas to cities. It was not just encountered in India, it made a change in the world. Eventually, Agriculture has been in existence for many decades. It is the source of income for people in rural areas. One-third of the population in the world is reliant on agriculture. Farmers implement it as a way of life and way of living, revenue is obtained to lead their family. Worth mentioning, Agriculture plays a considerable function in the life of people in rural areas.

Disputes Faced in Agriculture and Rural Development

  • INFRASTRUCTURE: The word infrastructure does not imply towers and shopping malls around rural areas. The infrastructure means apt roads, irrigation conveniences, sanitation amenities, dams, canals, modern techniques, and many more. All these factors sustain the growth and progress of agriculture in the country as a result of the population report. Progress in the rural areas results in progress in agriculture, which results in the development of the country. Uncalled for, all the aspects are disheveled.
  • SLACKNESS: Corporate and multinational companies are never found in rural areas. Rural India is always treated as just market place to sell products but never as a hub for production and manufacturing. Many factors affect all these issues. Need of skilled labors, Requirement of appropriate connectivity, political and social misery and corruption combined with rules and regulations government.
  • SOCIAL AWARENESS: People in rural India have been facing social stigmas over a long period, and are still in progress. It is a smoldering issue in our country. In all the aspects of life like female feticide, communal and gender discrimination, etc., India is still struggling for awareness in rural areas.

Measures to be Adopted for Progress

  • Financial measures and support should be implemented in the rural areas to the growth of agriculture.
  • Developed and latest technology ought to be provided to the farmers. Technical expertise should be indoctrinated for efficient farming.
  • Education must be accessible in the rural areas, so they get awareness over the social activities and eliminate all the disgrace.
  • Problems of people should be considered by the local governance. As the central government will lack the fact of ground realities and the actual problems that are faced by people. The local bodies give the best solutions and understand the problem in a better way.
  • Campaigns on social awareness must be conducted in rural areas. So that people gain comprehension over the advancement in-country and the maturity.

Rural Economy and Agriculture

Agriculture is a vital element of the world economy, particularly in the mounting countries. For the progress in agriculture, rural areas should be given significant development.

Through which the villages will be self-reliant, this lay way to job opportunities to the unemployed people, exterminating poverty, and progress in the countryside.

The turndown in agriculture turns out will unfavorably affect the economy. The economic development of rural areas depends on agriculture.

Even though agriculture is the backbone of the country and is self-dependant. It is also defenseless to the changes in nature. Natural calamities like torrents, famine, rainstorms, and toxic waste affect the progress in agriculture.

An interlude of out-of-the-blue rainfall can cause the village economy to flipside based on the progress of the economy.

Conclusion: Agriculture plays an immense responsibility in the overall development of rural areas, moreover it is not the only factor that helps in progress. It depends on many other issues like proper education facilities, health facilities, transportation, basic needs for life-like water, electricity, and good infrastructure.


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