Essay on Brain Drain

Essay on Brain Drain for Students and Children

Brain Drain refers to the migration of the people from one nation to another nation in need of a job or to reach higher levels in life. This is the issue for the economic depletion of the country and huge loss in the path of the development of the country. As the content and knowledge, people keep migrating to other countries and helping them for the development and enhance technology.

The motherland of the people will be backward in all the sectors of development. Similarly in the below essay on Brain Drain will contain all the needed information about it and its disadvantages to the economy of the country. The Essay on the cause and effects of Brain Drain was listed all the issues and why the people of the present generation caused brain drain. In further below in the article, the quotes on Brain Drain are listed.

Short Essay on Brain Drain

Brain Drain can be defined in simple English as losing of the Knowledge stuffed or the creative genius by the motherland country. As the large number of people migrating from one country to another country in the need of jobs or the opportunities for the better growth of life. Many people nowadays move to countries with higher currency values than the currency of the native country. It is a great loss to the nations because it was losing the share of knowledge and skilled people.

A country should have a high rate of Knowledge or skilled people who will help in-country development and technology of the country. Coming to India the rate of Brain Drain is Enormous, where a large number of people were migrated and still migrating to various countries all over the world for the need for jobs. As the cost of living of people is increasing simultaneously the annual economy of the people is decreasing day by day.

In countries like India with densely populated people to provide them with opportunities by the government is the biggest task. There are no efficient schemes for people with knowledge and skill in India. This tends to need migration of people to other countries for the need of jobs which is suitable for their knowledge and amount paid for their level.

However, the present government of India had bought out many schemes like “Make in India”. By these schemes, the government will help the people economically who bought up with enlighted ideas which can help for country development. In this way, the government should encourage these talented people and make them help with their national development.

Long Essay on the Problem of Brain Drain

Brain Drain implies to loss of a nation where the people with knowledge and skills are migrated to another country. The talented people move to another country for the need of opportunities and also for higher studies. Some of the people move to other countries for higher studies and settle down with a job in the migrated countries and not return to their nation. This type of migration even causes Brain Drain in the nation. In India, from the past years, the rate of Brain Drain is high and increasing year by year. Thus it was one of the reasons to be India is still a Developing country in the world.

A huge number of people are moved to other countries for better growth in life or earn at high in a short time. Many people can change the economy of their native countries and be helpful for unemployed people. Every year India is losing a large number of Engineers, Doctors, Labours, Workers, Artists, etc. Where this can make the loss for the country India in all sectors of Development. According to the latest data, nearly 70% of the Doctors in America are from India or Indian Doctors. On the other hand in India, the rate of doctors is less and on average of large people contain only a few doctors.

The Brain Drain is also due to the need for more money rather they can earn in their nation. This is one of the conditions where the skilled people will move to higher-value currency countries to earn at high. Some of these greedy thoughts of the people make some of the countries standstill as developing countries in the world. Usually, there are improved schemes by the government and opportunities for the people. As the skilled or knowledge stuffed people migrating and establishing the companies in those countries which tend to increase unemployment in the motherland. However, for developing countries like IndiaBrain drain is the huge damage to the economy of the country and also for all the sectors.

Brain Drain is further divided into different types like Organization Brain DrainIndustrial Brain DrainGeographical Brain DrainOrganizational Brain Drain refers to migrating skilled people to other organizations for the need for hikes or better positions. This can lead to damage to the economy of the mother organization. Geographical Brain Drain refers to the migration of people from one zone to another or continent to another. In this also the brilliant people or skilled people were migrated. Industrial Brain Drain means the migration of skilled people from one industry to another industry. By this the native industry losses the endowed people and also for the economic growth of the industry.

Quotes on Brain Drain

  • Reversing the Brain Drain is a key priority for us.
  • Lack of Technology in our nation is the cause of Brain Drain from India… The fertile brain from incredible India is now watering the fertile lands all over the globe.
  • The most wasteful ” Brain Drain” in America today is the drain in the Kitchen sink.
  • We are already experiencing ‘Reverse Brain Drain’. I would prefer to call this ‘brain gain’.
  • Better a brain drain than a brain in the drain.


The conclusion of the Essay on Brain Drain is the government should involve in providing facilities for skilled or knowledgeable people. The government should use them for their nation and establish patriotic nature in the people. Every person should be educated to help the country’s economic development. The government should look after the trends of development happening around the world and include them in the nation. Mainly in developing countries like India should not lose people with talent and knowledge and take the help of people and to be a developed country in the world. The schemes to stop the brain drain must be bought out in all the nations to stop the migration of knowledge people.

We believe that the above essays on Brain Drain will help you at the needs times and help you to know some unique information. The above Essay on the Cause and Effects of Brain Drain will the students at exams and for Aspirants of UPSC & SSC.

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