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Long Essay On Election

It is the process of making a formal group decision in which people have to choose an individual or associate of individuals to hold the authority. The Election is a process through which the outlook of the people is conveyed in the political objective. Their decisions are expressed through voting for a particular political leader. The selected candidate will be the person in charge and liable to the people. Elections will be conducted all over the world, whether the country is democratic or despotic, elections play a vital role in the fundamental parts of the endurance of the citizens of the country.

Democratic countries have the process of elections, where the votes of the people make a verdict of the leader to the country. In an authoritarian country, the dictatorship regime exists, there is no such kind of election. People are under the rule and authority of a single person, and he will be the dictator. Elections will be the support for a democratic nation, the government makes sure it is of the people, by the people, and for the people. Elections are the only means that the people can have the change for their lives and better living. Elections play a crucial role in every individual’s life. They are not just concerned with a single individual, every person in the country has the right to cast their vote.

Elections result in a party being voted out of power, in favor of another party. This is done to ensure that all the creatures are happy and prosperous. People can get the chuck and acquire their requirements, which were brought into existence will be significantly considered and executed. Elections are not the same now, considered in the early days. The elections are conducted in such a way that there are no chances of rigging or influencing, as the reason the electronic voting machines and ballot papers are used.

Uniqueness Of Election

  • Every person in the nation has the right to vote, except people below the age of eighteen are not allowed to vote. All citizens above 18 years are eligible to cast their votes.
  • The person who is participating as a nominee candidate also has played a major role in the elections. The person is selected based on his background and clear image in society. The process of selecting a candidate for election to a public office is referred to as a nomination. Later, the public backing, and their statements to support their candidate.
  • The voting system and the arrangements made for the process of election is the electoral system. This system and arrangements will give the political decision.
  • Initially, the votes get tallied. They count the number of votes for each candidate, by different means of vote counting systems and ballot. The result will be declared based on the highest number of votes.
  • The security forces and the elected officers manage the election booth during the time of voting. They see to that everybody follows the rules and regulations laid by the government.
  • The election campaign is a fundamental part of elections, the purpose of this would be to provide the people with the respective works that they are willing to do after they come to their power. All the features are tinted in the manifesto of the particular party.

Significance Of Elections

  • The political leaders are chosen based on the elections in the nation. The citizens of the country cast their votes for the desired candidates. The public is given complete responsibility and the right to elect their leaders as they wish. The political leadership of citizens is enhanced.
  • The elections are the opportunity for people to have change in the government if they are not satisfied with the particular regime. They have the complete ability to substitute the leadership with a superior and responsible choice through the elections.
  • Problems and the issues faced by the common people can be put forth in the limelight during election time.
  • Citizens can form a new political party to contest in the elections in a democratic country.
  • The power of the political leaders is to keep an eye on the citizens and the media. The person or the political parties in the regime cannot dare to do illegal activities as they are the role models and the responsible persons handling the society. They must set examples for the younger generations.


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