Essay on Freedom of Press

Essay on Freedom of Press for Students and Children


Essay On Freedom of Press: It is the principle of communication and expression through various means, either printed information or electronic medium, particularly published supplies, that should be well-thought-out a right to be implemented liberally.

Essay on Freedom of Press

Freedom of the Press is the most vital helm of democracy. Devoid of gratis media social equality cannot survive. The truth and the exact information are conveyed by the press. Conversely, without freedom, the press cannot function completely.

Freedom of the Press is the key important ingredient of a democratic country. A liberated and courageous press is the assert of the country. There should not be any restrictions and obstacles to the press, if occurred it can’t have existence. The nature of the press is the voice of the people. The endurance of democracy without a doubt depends on the freedom of the press.

Simultaneously, the freedom given to the media or press should never be misused, they have to pursue its conventions of behavior. They should be responsible for the surveillance of people’s well-being. In addition, the media also monitors the freedom given to people. People in the high authorities and the power given to people should not be distorted.

Significance of Freedom to Press

  • India is a country with millions of population, every now and then a positive event and a negative aspect take place in the world. The Press will be the spokesperson to inform all the situations that occur in the Nation.
  • People in the administration and the people who have given powers will take advantage of the authority and the people. They will behave as they wish without any boundaries. So the press is given the accountability of scrutiny and corresponding the administration and the government.
  • Press will be the primary source of giving reports to the people in the country. When illegal activities and the social evil lurking meant as corruption and oppression occur in the country, they will be the first to lift up the tone of voice.
  • Press a wall laid by the trust of people. We trust the press and seek help to gather the information, substantiate and publish the information and records which persuade people’s decisions. If the press is not got the freedom to do all this, then the people will be in problems and face punishments.
  • The Freedom of the Press will enhance the thoughts, opinions, decisions, and problems of the people. It will be the voice of people. If any of the freedom is taken away from the media, all the people will become dumb.
  • As the reason, they should be respectful and responsible for the work, and liberty should be given to the press/media. This will help the nation to progress and the people in the country will also lead a high spirits life.
  • Restriction of the press is not anything less than dictatorship. When the press is imposed with rules and regulations to them, it will very well depict the false happening and some issues are hidden by the eyes of people. A single mistake will lead to many issues and manipulations in the country. Thus, due to this, there will be no resource for benevolent information.
  • Freedom of the Press is an important aspect for the progress and harmony in the country, people will have knowledge over the aspects of life.

Liability of Freedom to Press

Press has the responsibility towards the country and the people in the country for enhanced sustainability. They will be the supporting guidelines to the entire nation. They will criticize as well as encourage the authorities. Press will play a requisite role in any form of government. The information they provide will lead the people in making India. People will have enormous trust and support for the press. This will be the protection system for the press. They should not break the emotions of people. The press should be responsible and respectful towards the nation and the public. The press should be truthful to the nation and never break the trust of people, with false reports.



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