Has Science Civilized Us Essay

Has Science Civilized Us Essay ?

Has Science Civilized Us Essay : To the primitive man, the earth was like a platter. He did not dare to venture to places unknown to him, lest he should fall off the edges. The sun, the moon and the stars amazed him. These heavenly bodies were held in great reverence. He was helpless and at the mercy of nature. Hence, he worshipped its forces.

Has Science Civilized Us Essay

The invention of the wheel and the discovery of fire were the achievements of the primitive man. The initiation into the scientific arena was ‘A small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind’.

A small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind

The advent of science has altered the life of man. With his intellect, man has proved his superiority over the other beings in nature. Man ventured on sea and discovered new lands. He also discovered that the earth is round and revolves around the Sun. The laws of gravitation were discovered. Later, he discovered electricity, invented the telephone, telex and felt elated. These inventions shrank the world and man felt well-connected with far off places. Aero planes, trains, cars, buses and two-wheelers became his mode of transportation.

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With the advancement of science, man invented objects which eased his work, provided him comfort and recreation. It is only with the help of science the man was able to conquer not only this earth but space also. With the successful landing of man on the moon, the distance between earth and sky was considerably reduced.

Discoveries and inventions by medical science provided relief to mankind

The successive discoveries and inventions, in the field of medical science, have provided relief to mankind. It has led to a low mortality rate and has increased life-expectancy. Penicillin was discovered. The causes of smallpox, malaria, tuberculosis were identified and their remedies worked upon. Smallpox, polio, plague and cholera have almost been eradicated from the face of the earth. The human body can be operated upon for the removal of cancer and an open-heart surgery can be conducted. The discoveries of antibiotics and drugs have also reduced the sufferings of mankind to a certain extent. 

With the technological advancements in space research, artificial satellites were launched to promote communication. These satellites have helped in broadcasting, weather forecasting etc. Invention of mobile phones, internet, fax and e-mail has further shrunk the size of the globe.

Wireless technology changed the working culture of the office

Technological changes such as the Bluetooth wireless services have revolutionized communication. This can establish connections between mobile computers, mobile phones, portable handheld devices and provide connectivity to the internet. Interface and synchronized exchange are possible. This would completely change the look of the office. Wireless technology undoubtedly is contributing to the trend towards remote teleworking. Working from home has become a viable option.

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Agriculture, too, has benefited from scientific advances. Improved methods of irrigation, better quality seeds and drought resistant seeds have also helped to increase the yield. New tools and implements, tractors and harvesters have benefited the farmers in different ways. Science has enabled man to identify the diseases in crops and find out remedies.

Atomic energy can be used for peaceful purposes

Atomic energy when harnessed by man, for peaceful purposes, yields good results. Isotopes of some radioactive materials are used to cure disease. Atomic energy is used to run reactors to produce electricity. It has proved to be a viable alternative to fossil fuels. The isotopes are also used to sterilize crops and vegetables to keep them free from disease. Carbon-14 is used by archaeologists to find the exact age of an organic fossil.

While science has been a boon to mankind, it has also proved to be a bane

While science has been a boon to mankind, it has also proved to be a bane. It is because man does not use his foresight. In his pursuit of excellence, man ignores nature. In an attempt to civilize, he tempers with nature and causes immeasurable damage to it. Indiscriminate industrialization and urbanization have resulted in alarming levels of pollution. Man chokes the rivers with sewage, Industrial waste and filth.

The modes of transport have contributed to further deterioration of the planet and now pose a threat to the very existence of the flora and fauna. Many among us may argue that science has dehumanized man, has made him more materialistic and less concerned about the fate of the office within the fact remains that science has put us all the means to be more civilized. By and large the modern man is less brute and less crude.

 If we go strictly by the literal meaning of civilization, it is an advanced stage of social development which people have achieved to have been instrumental in evolving. Science has definitely and irrefutably helped us in this direction.

Has Science Civilized Us

Only about a century ago, the means of Information and Communication were not so developed. People in one part of the world or even within the same country did not know about the famines, floods and other disasters taking place in another part.

But now with the help of science, if people suffer anywhere on the earth, the help reaches there immediately. Food supplies, medicines and other relief measures reach there in a little time and efforts are made to mitigate their suffering. This has become possible because science made us aware and more civilized.

Science cannot be held responsible for wrong doing of man 

Science may not be able to change the basic nature of man. Man always has aspired for pelf and power. Science cannot be held responsible for this. Science has helped the spread of knowledge. The print media and electronic media has helped man to disseminate knowledge. How he makes use of it is up to him. Now it is the question for mankind that Has Science Civilized Us Essay ?

It has made people aware of all developments all over the world. It has definitely provided him with tools. Whether he uses a fork to eat in a hygienic way or hurts his tongue with it. It has definitely led men on the path of civilization.


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