Essay on Holiday

Essay on Holiday for Students and Children

In this article, We have composed an Essay on Holiday for School Students and Children in English, So the children and students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 can refer to this complete article to perform their class assignments, comprehensive tasks, competitions, etc.

Essay on Holiday for School Students and Children

It is a day or few days kept aside by customs or law to suspend the routine activities of business or work, studies, etc., Holiday brings joy to students and children’s minds because on that day children get rid of going to school and listening to classes. A holiday is an enjoyable day for the students as they get a chance to spend their time with their family, play games, watch tv, etc., and do many things. Not only students but also everyone who is working deserves a holiday to take a break from monotonous work and they treat the holiday as a great opportunity to relax and to enjoy.

Holiday helps us to relax our mind and body. Holidays are the stress relievers as we are working consistently due to routine school schedules or job obligations. When We get tired of routine work, the holiday comes as a big relief. Due to academic and working obligations, we are not able to spend time with our family members, relatives, close friends, etc., Holiday gives us a great opportunity to spend our quality time with our loved ones and to revive our relationships.

Holiday also helps us to boost our energy levels for further working days. You are revived to restart your academic and office obligations with a more positive and happy mood. Holiday fills our heart with great joy and pleasure, we all love holidays whether it’s a long vacation or short vacation. No one denies a holiday as we get relief from the everyday boring schedule.

Why do we love the holidays?

Holidays! Holidays! Holidays! who doesn’t deserve it? Everyone whether a student or a working person, whether old or young wants to have relief from monotonous obligations. Holidays are not meant to enjoy it but also to pursue our hobbies or interests. During the holiday we spend our time as we want.

Everyone has their reasons why he/she loves holidays. Children love holidays because they get free time to play with their friends, to watch TV and to eat delicious dishes prepared by their mother especially on that Holiday. Father, loves the holiday because he can get relief from their monotonous job as well as he can get free time to spend with his children. The mother in the family loves the holidays as her children and her husband get relief from daily obligations, so she can see their family together and prepare delicious food to make them happy. Grandparents also love the holidays because they can spend time with their beloved grandchildren and tell them good stories.

Benefits of Holidays:

  • Holiday reduces stress, helps us to maintain and to keep good health.
  • Holiday increases creativity in us as we are disconnecting from the monotonous work environment for a sustained period.
  • When we work for long hours at the office or study at school we feel frustrated. It boosts emotional stability as we get relief from consistent work.
  • During the holidays we get leisure time to spend with our loved ones so it strengthens our relationship.
  • We get free time to pursue our other obligations apart from routine obligations.
  • Children get a fun time playing with their friends.
  • One can complete their pending work of school or office during a holiday.
  • On that day we can pursue our hobbies or interests.
  • It is the day to revive or recharge ourselves for further working days.



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