Essay On Life After School

Essay On Life After School for Students and Children


Essay On Life After School: The initial education and knowledge of a person are acquired from school life. School life is the most cherishable, the memories made in school will be etched in our mind everlastingly. The era spent in school is the golden period of every student’s life. This period of life is stress-free, we study the syllabus thought by teachers, write our exams, score marks, enjoy with friends, and the same process repeats. But what is life after school?

Long Essay on Life After School

Life after school is a roller coaster ride. In school, we are thought many lessons and equations based on the syllabus. Lessons and equations on how to handle life after school are not thought.

Life after school is the doorway, for our desires and goals that need to be accomplished for an enhanced future. It needs a lot of practical approaches. Anxiety and bewilderment will be filled our minds on what to choose for an enhanced carrier. As the decision-making process will be dependant on the future. The future is determined in this decisive time. Life after school must be made with relevant choices that are based on the interest of the student in a particular field. As this will depend on their bright and successful future.

Reality Of Life After School

Student Life is spent scuffing feet between school and home, they are under the guidance of parents at home and teachers at school. Finally, a day will appear in every student’s life to leave school. Life after school is all about the forward step for the future and studies leading a bright career. This is the difficult part of life, as they were in a safe and stress-free environment. But life has to move on, looking forward to triumph.

Building A Career

This is the phase where decisions regarding the respective studies and career options must be made. Sometimes, parents force their kids in the aspect where they impose their wishes on students. This will lead kids to opt for a different path that they desire to take up. In fact, kids should be allowed to make decisions regarding their education based on their interests and their awareness of the subject. Set your goals. They may be temporary or long-standing, have the desire to acquire them. Students need to visit the counselors available in the colleges, seek their advice. Also, students can let out their opinions and choices over the education field they prefer to take up.

There may be some changes in the path they wish to acquire. Proper vision and awareness can lead way to success. Willpower and Commitment over the subject can build an enhanced career.

Challenges Of Life After School

Life is filled with a bulk of challenges after school. Independence to choose plays a vital role in every individual life. From the walk we get on to college, seek education, choose a course, get a job, reorganization in the society, life partner, blissful existence, etc., each step is a challenge. Proper vision and planning in life can lead to a high standard of living.

The Balancing Act

As soon as, we leave school, life is full of challenges, decision making, guidance from parents, friends, and the people around, in choosing a proper field. All these factors should be balanced. The corresponding work is an essential key factor. Balancing the personal and professional aspects is the way for a successful life.

Getting An Admission In College

Life after school is all about college and Higher Education. After the decision made to choose the respective course, it is time to choose a proper and efficient college. And also search for the colleges that offer the required course. Filling up the application forms, if there are any entrance exams, prepare well to crack them. And another crux of the matters that involve taking admission must be considered.


 Life after School is a lot of endeavor and occurrence, all of them put together will enhance a high-quality life and superior career. Life after School makes us feel more responsible about education. It is the first step to start our career on the right path.

“By the end of high school I was not of course an educated man, but I knew how to try to become one.” – Clifton Fadiman

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