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Essay On Make In India : A proposal by the government of India to stimulate companies to produce in India and motivate out-and-out investments into manufacturing.

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India is a developing Nation. It is the largest economy and the second-largest in the world for its population. But we still lack in being a progressed national. The factors that affect the progress of the country are lack of quality education in the people, poverty line, and unemployment. All these problems need a solution, to provide the answer, employment in the people plays an essential role. People need to be employed for the progress in the country and their existence. Employment opportunities and enhanced developments for the country in the field of education, knowledge, skills are liable.

“Make in India” is a campaign launched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 25th of September in the year 2014. It is an initiative towards the forward movement of the country and people in the country. It is a program to make a call for all the top business companies and investors all across the world for investment in India. It increases the manufacturing sector, endorses foreign investments, and diminishes the dependence on imports.

The enlargement in investments and product manufacturing in India by both national and multi-national companies is the objective of “Make In India” This campaign attracts foreign investors to invest money in India, and manufacture goods in India. This will encourage all the companies to produce goods in India. This will give many opportunities for the unemployed people for better living.

Symbol Of Make in India

The symbol of Make In India is the Lion with many wheels. Make In India is a lion’s step. The logo is the figure of a lion on the skulk, made completely of cogs, representing manufacturing, potency, and national conceit. Lion depicts the accomplishment of illumination, alongside representing supremacy, bravery, self-importance, and buoyancy.

Objective Of Make in India

India is a nation with many changes and opportunities for innovations. It has the chance to be a hub for global manufacturing. This scheme was implemented by the government with this respective as India has demographic benefits.

The manufacturing sector contributes 25% to GDP. The objective is to create many job opportunities for the people in India. Make in India is to make India a leading manufacturer in all the fields among different countries. The skills and talents of people are encouraged for the progress of the nation. If employment is provided to people, they are respected enough to purchase the goods and basic needs for living. Also, it promotes Make In India products.

Healthy connections among the countries will be enhanced. The imports drop off and the exports amplify, empowerment in the field of research and developments. The nation is equipped to clinch this dream and is already on the alleyway of fetching realism.

Advantages Of Make in India

  • India is a country with a wide population, people here are skilled and talented. People who possess an education also are unemployed. This initiative will be a good opportunity for people who lack employment. Through which the youth of the country will be empowered.
  • The nation will be independent in all sectors with the help of top investors.
  • People in the country, the manufacturers along investors will be benefitted.
  • The companies will have their brand value in the global market.
  • People looking for new business opportunities across the nation will have the changes to invest in their own country. As proper resources and lack of awareness over the policy issues in the other countries can affect the investor, this will be a positive step for them.
  • Infrastructure and the rural areas will be enhanced.
  • Make In India is the step forward movement for the progress of the nation.

Disadvantages Of Make in India

  • Agriculture is given the least importance due to the establishment of the industries.
  • The natural resources are depleted, due to the pollution emitted from the industries.
  • Small Scale Industries may face problems due to the national and international companies all across the country.
  • The lands are taken off by the respective industrializes for the establishment of the new ones.



“Come make in India. Advertise anywhere, although Make in India” is the objective of this movement. The Government of India has enhanced the great initiative of “Make In India” for a better and progressed nation. People in the country are given opportunities for the standard way of life.


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