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Essay on My School Bag: We are here to share essays for student my school bag in English. A school bag is essential for us in our lives, and we all used it and loved it to be there.

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A school bag is essential for us in our lives, and we all used it and loved it to be there.

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When the first time I took admission to my school, then my parents took me to a stationary shop to buy essential things for my first day at school. Then after that, they took me to a school bag shop and bought myself a nice school bag.

My school bag was pink coloured, and it has leather geometry free with it, and on both of these, there are some cartoon images that beautifies them a lot more.

My school bag had a total of 5 zips to put different things differently. It cost us Rs 900, but the price of the bag is Rs 1000, and we got it at a discount of Rs 100, and we bought it.

As it was my first bag, so that was my favourite bag. I bought that when I went to school for the first time.

I was very happy when I went to school for the first time with that bag because that was a nice coloured and designed bag.

I packed my bag with the help of my mother. I put my tiffin box in the uppermost zip of my bag and water bottle in the side pouch. I put my books in one zip and my notebooks in another zip and my leather geometry pouch in another small zip. At that time, my bag weighed almost 1 – 1.5 kg. I was very happy to hand it for the first time and go to school for the first time and study there.

This bag keeps my books safe. And instead of that that it also keeps my other things safe in it.

I went to school and used to keep my bag safe even from dust. I use to clean my bag every day before packing it. Every Sunday or after two, I use to make my bag wash. After school in the evening, I use to carry that bag for my tuition classes. As it was gifted to me by my parents and it was a useful gift for me.

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The best thing I love about my bag is that cartoon as that was my favourite cartoon, “Tom & Jerry,” on that bag. And the fabric or material of the bag was very soft and luxurious.

It was a lightweight bag, so I never had a problem carrying that bag. And it was also a waterproof bag. And the bag quality was very strong, and the strips of the bag are very strongly stitched, and even the whole bag was strongly stitched. The zips of my bag were excellent quality and were quickly closed or opened. That is the reason for it being my favourite bag. And I even have that bag with me today just it is slightly damaged from a side after that much use.

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