Essay on Organ Donation

Essay on Organ Donation for Students and Children

Organ Donation is one of the Nobel’s help which profits the other needed people even after the death of the donor. This Donation includes removing tissues and many other useful organs from the dead body. These organs which are removed will help the person who requires the transplantation due to improper working of their present organs. Many people around the world need organs for their transplantation process. Similarly, the below essay on Organ Donation will provide information about the donation and benefits of donation and much more information. An essay on the importance of Organ Donation will explain the benefits and how it is useful for the other and why people are not aware of organ donation and much other unique information. In the further below of the article Quotes on Organ Donation are listed.

Short Essay on Organ Donation

Organ Donation is one of the humble help for people who require organs. Usually, organ donation was done with the people who are dead. The parts are taken from the donators and transplanted into the body of the recipients. Donating Organs can be done by families after their person’s death and the other way is to sign on paper as they are agreeing to donate organs after their death. These are the ways to donate organs, however, as soon as they donating the organs are not used. There are many needs to transplant the organs for the needed one. It takes a long time to reach the organ for the needed person. There are many requirements needed to approve by doctors to transplant the organs of the body. The recipient’s and donator’s blood group should be the same and tissues should be matched and many more should be similar while transplanting.

In the present day, Organ donation has a huge response due to the success rate of transplantations. As even it is a risky process of transplanting the organisms but it was getting successful with technology and huge donations. Organ Donation should be done as a responsibility, every organ will help in any way for the people in need around the world.

Long Essay on Donating Organs

Organ Donation is one of the processes to help people who require organs around the world. Organ donation is nothing but donating organs after our death. This can be done by family members or the donator should sign with the hospital or any NGO’s when they are alive. Organ Donation involves donating kidneys, liver, eye, heart, tissues, and many other useful organisms which can transplant. There is a huge requirement for organs around the world and majorly with countries with high diseases. The need for Organs will arise with a person who loses organs with any accident or failure of organs at a young age.

Countries like India have a high need for organs as the people have the failure of organs due to many diseases. Some organs of the body can be stored and used for people’s needs after some days. These type of organs has to collect in large number so that they can be used at the needed time. On the other side, the organs like the retina, kidneys, hearts, and some others need to transplant to the recipient’s body within a few hours. These type of organs has a huge demand in society as these organs will stop functioning after the removal.

Donating or collecting the organs is an easy process but on the other hand, there are many issues to finding the matched organs of the needed person. There are various risk involved in the transplantation of organs in this immune response is one of the dangerous issues. If the organ is to be transplanted for the recipient, there are some reasons like blood, tissues, organ type or growth, and some others to match with the donor and recipients. However after the successful transplantation also there is a rise in immunity disorder in the recipient’s body and some even cause death with the complete failure of the body.

In the present day, there is a small hike in organ donations by the people. The main cause is the increase in the success rate of transplantation of organs. As technology is increased in the medical sector the rate of transplantation is also increasing. By this, there is a demand for organs in the people. As the demand for organs and donation of organs are imbalanced there is the rise of the black market for organs. The market for organs is called Organ trafficking or Red TraffickingOrgan trafficking is an illegal activity where people sell their organs in need of money. There are many mediators like doctors and medical assistants who gain huge profits by selling the organs for the needed people at high rates.

The conclusion of the Essay on Organ Donation is everyone has to donate organs as this donation doesn’t need effort during alive. The government of the countries should bring up the awareness of Organ donation as similar to Blood donation. All the blood clubs and societies should include organ donation and enlighten the people to participate in the donation. Organ Donation should be done to help poor people who require organs. Every year 27th November will be organized as National Organ Donation Day in India by the government to bring up awareness in the people. Many Organ Donation camps and campaignsOrgan Donation Advertisements, posters need to bring awareness to all category people in the country. In the olden days, people have to say donate something it will return to you at needs.

Quotes on Organ Donation

  • Organ Donation is not a tragedy by it can be a beautiful light in the midst of one.
  • Don’t think of organ donations as giving up part of yourself to keep a total stranger alive. It’s a total stranger giving up almost all of themselves to keep part of you alive.
  • Destiny of Life….. The body is for Donation… The soul is for Definition…
  • Your organ could be someone’s missing piece
  • Be An Organ Donar, All it Costs is a little Love.
  • Don’t Take Your Organs To Heaven. Heaven Knows We Need Them Here.
  • I think you should automatically donate your organs because that would turn the balance of organ donation hugely. I would donate whatever anybody would take and I’d probably do the cremation bit.
  • Be a symbol of hope for those who are waiting.
  • The measure of a Life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.
  • Be a Hero, Be an Organ Donor, Life is a gift, Pass it on.

We believe that the above essays on Organ donation will inspire you and provide the information and need for organs for the people. The above essay on the importance of Organ Donation will be helpful for students at exams & competitions, Aspirants like UPSC & SSC.

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