Essay on Peace and Harmony

Essay on Peace and Harmony for Students and Children

In the present day of society, if a person wants to achieve anything or if a group of people wants to see success the only thing to present in them is Peace and harmonyPeace and Harmony make the people united for the decisions taken by the government and also for the development of the country. With the increase of violence and chaos in the society, there is damage to peace and harmony between the people of the country. Similarly, the essay on Peace and Harmony was included about its importance among the people in the society. The Essay on the need for peace and harmony in society says about how this will help in the development and prosperity of the country and much more information. Further below in the article, the quotes on Peace and Harmony are listed.

Short essay on Peace and Harmony

Peace and harmony are some of the fundamental things which should be inculcated in the lives of the people in populated countries. This is the pre-requirement for densely populated countries like India, Bangladesh for the people and country development. Peace and harmony can bring unity in the people and help for easy governance for the democracy to rule in the countries. As the countries have various religious people there is the chance of religious riots and chaos in the people. Maintaining peace and harmony between the people is in the hands of the government and its rules. The rules and equality of the government policies for the various people can maintain peace and harmony between the people. As technology and development are increasing which can help people physically but peace and harmony can make people united and increase development. To stop the issues and problems in the country peaceful dialogues will help in resolving the issues.

Peace is the word derived from the Anglo-French term ‘Pes’ and Harmony is the term derived from the old Greek word ‘Harmonia’. Many practices like Secularism, Equality, Importance to religions, etc are some of the practices for promoting peace and harmony among people. All the religious heads and preachers should educate their people to live in peace and harmony. There are major advantages to peace and harmony rather than disadvantages and issues. All the schools and elders should teach children about peace and harmony and its advantages for society. The youth of the world should engage in improving the peace and harmony of the country.

Long Essay on Peace and Harmony

Peace and Harmony are one of the basic needs for unity and development of the nation to its prosperity. Any nation needs peace and harmony between the people for the expansion of the growth of the country. The Laws and rules of the country should be equal between the citizens to escape the chaos and religious disorders for maintaining harmony in the people. With this Peace and Harmony, the people of the country can develop social and cultural equality in the people. It makes the nation united at the needed times to face the illegal activities happening in or to the country.

Peace and Harmony in the people can also remove the unemployment in the country. It can improve the economy of the country in all aspects of business and also help in the growth of the GDP of the country. Not only the economic improvement it helps in the elimination of the injustice that makes the people move in a positive direction. People of the world should have peace and harmony in their daily life to help the people in need and it should maintain between the countries not to raise the issues between the borders.

Many wars are arisen due to a lack of peace and harmony in some countries. Some of the country work with peace in all the international issues where the world think these countries are weak with defense. By this, as the weak point some of the countries like Pakistan, attack these countries and raise the riots between the people in the negative direction. One of the highlighted issues in the present world is the India Pakistan issue, as India deals everything with peace with this advantage Pakistan breaks the rules.

Peace and Harmony is important thing for the issues less ruling democracy for the people. But the rate of peace and harmony is in the hands of the government. The schemes, economic help, rules, amendments should be equal for all religions and every sector of the people. It helps when to settle the people when the religious and caste riots arose within the people. Peace and harmony have the power of removing issues like Gender discrimination, Terrorism, PovertyCorruption, Exploitation of resources, greed, hardness, and many others.

The government of the countries should involve in educating the people by using the forces and some activities. Every person in the country should be educated from childhood for the welfare of the country to the future. The future generation and development of the country will depend on the present conditions of society. Peace, love, and harmony is the basic thing that should be inculcated to the people from
childhood and in daily routine.

The conclusion of the essay on peace and harmony is the people must include in their daily life for the peace and smooth running of their lives and society. If peace and harmony were not present between people the government of the country should look after to develop this in the people for the democracy running and many more. Major development to peace and harmony is in government ruling and literacy rate of the country. Every person in the country should learn about peace and harmony needs in their lives. All the preachers and religious heads must look after their religious people and motivate them at the needed time. People should be aware of the need for peace and harmony in their life and country development. Competition for children like Peace & Harmony drawingspaintscamps must be held as they are the future of the country.

Quotes on Peace and Harmony

  • If you want peace and harmony in the world, you must have peace and harmony in your hearts and minds.
  • If you can create harmony in your own life, this harmony will enter int the vast world.
  • Observe good faith and justice towards all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.
  • Love, Peace, joy, and harmony are the best vitamins in the universe.
  • Let there be love in our hearts, harmony in our homes, and peace in our hearts.
  • Enlightenment is making every cell, gene, and DNA the radiator of peace and harmony.
  • Peace and Harmony are the nature of work. Both are the elements of Life.
  • Harmony among our different religious traditions is essential for world peace.
  • If we have peace of mind, even negative experiences do not upset us.
  • Every thought that we put in the world, affects it. Think love, Think peace, Think harmony.


We believe that the above essays on Peace and Harmony had provided unique information and advantages when it was inculcated in the people. An essay on the need for Peace and Harmony will helpful for Aspirants of SSC & UPSC.

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