Essay on Science and War

Science for the progress of Mankind

Science is a blessing to Mankind. Man has been able to provide himself with all the basic comforts. He has turned the global village. He has conquered space and the depth of the oceans. All this has been possible only because of science. But, of late, man has started misusing science and has become the medium for the manufacture of destructive nuclear weapons. The whole of Mankind will be wiped away if a nuclear war starts. However, science is not to be blamed for it. Man should check the destructive aspect and use science for the progress of Mankind.

Science has become an associate of war after the Chinese invented gunpowder. Initially, it was used in firecrackers. That was a harmless purpose, but soon man began to misuse gunpowder for the destructive purpose. 

Misuse of Science in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

With the becoming of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in japan in august 1945, World War II came to an end. The loss of numerous lives and the aftermath surprised the whole world. Property worth millions of rupees was destroyed. The Americans used Uranium 235 on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The people who survived suffered from mutation caused by the radioactive elements.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Gulf War II (Iraq attacked by America) left Iraq, a war-torn country. The main purpose was to unearth weapons of Mass Destruction. The economy was completely devastated. Airports, hospitals, schools, irrigation systems, transport links, etc. were affected followed by large scale looting. 

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Today, the nuclear powers like the USA have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the entire world hundreds of times over. More countries are on the way to becoming nuclear powers. Modern wars are being fought with science weapons like tanks, guns, bombs, missiles, aeroplanes and rockets. War extended from the land to sea, and then from sea to air. 

Man does not give a second thought while using weapons for killing his own fellow beings. This is because of the loss of human values. He has become mechanical.

Modern wars are more deadly

Modern wars are more deadly and destructive than ancient ones. In ancient times, war was confined to a battlefield, but today all public places, schools, hospitals, etc. are bombed from the air. Even women and children are not spared. Loss of life and property is extremely great. A country with a small population but adequate armament. 

Developing countries like India, Pakistan, etc. are investing crores of rupees for buying and manufacturing nuclear weapons. If this amount had been used for economic development, they would have already become developed nations. But nuclear weapons are necessary for national security. All nations should unite and co-operate to do away with nuclear weapons. They should realize the essence of common brotherhood. They should consider themselves the citizens of one word, not of different nations.

Next world war would be fought in space

The spy satellite, the nuclear aircraft, the bombers, the orbiting military station set up in space by Russia, China, and the USA pose a grave danger to mankind. This enables the respective nation to keep an eye on the secret military preparation of one another. The next world war, it is said, would be fought in space. The havoc to mankind then can be well imagined.

Man can use weapons for peaceful purposes. With the use of modern weapons, Israeli commandos retaliated with lighting speed against the terrorists at Entebbe and freed the hostage in a matter of hours.

Nuclear energy could be used for peaceful purposes

Man has used nuclear and thermonuclear energy to make weapons of mass destruction. Nuclear energy could be put to several peaceful uses such as application of radiation technology in the field of agriculture, industry and medicine. Nuclear energy is also used in laser technology and desalination of water.

With increasing population, transport, industries, etc. natural resources like petroleum, coal, etc. will be exhausted one day. Thus nuclear or atomic energy, if used for such purposes, can prove to be soon to Mankind. A kitchen knife can be used for cutting vegetables as well as for stabbing a person. Likewise man should use atomic energy for beneficial purposes rather than killing himself.                                 

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