Essay on Secularism in India

Essay on Secularism in India for Students and Children

What is Secularism?Secularism means that an individual has the freedom to follow any religion or no religionIndia is a secular country all over the world, In India, a large number of religious people are living together. Secularism is an important aspect in the countries to run democracy smoothly. Secularism brings peace and harmony to the people of the country. Similarly in the below Essay on Secularism in India was included all the information and how it will use for the country. The Below Essays on Secularism and Religion contain the advantages and how it improves the development of the country and many more unique points. Further below in the article, the Quotes on Secularism are listed.

Small Essay on Secularism in India

Secularism refers to the people living in a society where no barriers for the people about the religion to follow or no religion to follow. This is the main important thing in the countries with heavy population and countries included a large number of religionsSecularism will bring out more positive results in the country and people. Secularism means the people following their religion irrespective of political, economic, culture in the society. Every country should inculcate secularism in its people for the development process and peace in the country. The secular country will have peace, harmony, unity, etc in their people which should help to many other activities in the country.

The government of the country plays an important role in secularism in the country and with the people. Decisions taken by the government should not be less for any religion or the caste of the people. All the schemes, education, development, economic help, laws, and many others should reach every person with any religion or no religion. India had included the act in the constitution which says proudly as India is a Secular country. To maintain India as a secular country a lot of people and efforts stood India with various religions in its society. Secularism in India means any religious person can live with freedom and peace without any discrimination. It can only make the country’s people be united and fight against it at the needed times. If a government should run their country without any violence then the government should educate and preach to people about the advantages and need for secularism among the people.

Large Essay on Secularism in India

Secularism is one of the important things to consider in a country for the freedom of people living. Secularism means living people with the freedom of religion or Atheism according to the need of people in the country. People of the country should not be influenced by religion in the name of politics and others. Every country should work irrespective of the religion and needs of a particular religion. Secularism needs countries with dense populations and rich with various religious people. It ensures the people live with freedom and share their needs and ideas with one and all. However, secularism leads to peace in the country and the smooth functioning of the country.

Secularism in India, which had been included in the constitution of the country as the 42nd amendment act in 1976. According to this a person can follow any religion or no religion and has the freedom to decide and follow. As India was ruled by Britishers for a long time, they preached to the people about divide and rule policiesBritishers even implemented that policy in the people where the country is divided between them and ruled. To abolish the thinking of that policy in the people soon after the independence secularism was included in the constitution of India. Now India is a secular country with all religions and traditions with peace.

Educationfreedomemployment, and some other things will affect the people if the country is not moving in a secular direction. If the people were not secular then the people will have negative thinking and make to pause for the development of other religious people. Education will not reach every person and leads to the poorness of the religion or caste even can lead to a high unemployment rate. The crime rate and wars between the religions will increase due to the scarcity of equality from the government and natural needs.

For a government to rule the country without hurdles the people should have secularism in their daily life. If the people are not united results in fights, wars, protesting activities, the fight for equality, and many more occurs in the country. At those times the government should involve in stoping the activities rather than thinking about the development of the country. The name and fame of the country will be demolished due to an increase in criminal activities. The development process will break due to the scarcity of peace and harmony between the people.

However, in India, all the political parties differ the people in religion at the time of election to get into power. This type of practice makes individuals think in a negative direction and start the Riots in the country in name of religions. Any type of practice that breaks secularism between the people should not be encouraged. The educated people and religious heads or preachers should motivate the people that every religion is equal. Religion is a man-made thing according to their needs. The governments also look after the activities happening against secularism in the country and keep an end to the problems.

Quotes on Secularism

  • Secularism is a religion, a religion that is understood. It has no mysteries, no mumblings, no priests, no ceremonies, no falsehoods, no miracles, and no persecutions.
  • Secularism is not only in our constitution but also in our veins. We worship Mother Nature too. We believe that the world is our family.
  • Western dictionaries define secularism as the absence of religion but Indian secularism does not mean irreligiousness. It means a profusion of religions.
  • Unity and secularism will be the motto of the government. We can’t afford divisive polity in India.
  • The best response to bad religion is better religion, not secularism.
  • The rise of secularism has brought about an increase in hostility toward things religious.
  • I believe that pluralistic secularism, in the long run, is a more deadly poison than straightforward persecution.
  • Secularism denounces supernaturalism and promotes a nonreligious or antireligious basis of social organization and morality.
  • In our secular society, the school has become the replacement for church, and like church, it requires that its teachings must be taken on faith.
  • Secularism produces a bored soul

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