Gallantry Award Winner Essay

Gallantry Award Winner Essay

Essay on Gallantry Award Winner

Gallantry Award Winner Essay : I will honour my role model (Gallantry Award winner) _________ by taking a pledge to _______


essay gallantry award winner cbse board class 6 , 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Gallantry award is given to Indian armed forces, officers and civilians to honour them for their constant bravery and sacrifice. The civilians of armed forces work selflessly for the sake of our country till their last breath. The highest gallantry award Paramvir chakra and Mahavir chakra were introduced by the government of India after independence. Vir chakra, ashoka chakra, kirti chakra and shaurya chakrawere added to the list of gallantry awards later on. The soldiers who laid down their lives to protect our country from the enemies are honoured by all these gallantry wards. In this essay I will depict how the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers have inspired me immensely.

Gallantry award winner captain Vikram Batra as my role model:

Every year the brave soldiers who sacrificed their life for the sake of our country get honour through gallantry awards on the republic day and Independence Day. Whenever we talk about the brave hearts of soldiers who won Param Vir chakra the name of Captain Vikram Batra come first in my mind. He lost his life while he was fighting fearlessly in the Kargil war for protecting then nation. He brought victory in the Kargil War by fighting with his courage and leadership skills.

He is the Paramvir chakra awardee of the year 1999 celebrated on 15th august, India’s 52nd Independence Day. His indomitable spirit, fearlessness, dignity and sacrifice have inspired me a lot which has changed my view towards life. He was always ready to serve the nation at any situation and condition which shows his true responsible nature as an ideal soldier. His helpful nature to support others in difficult times has taught me to be kind. His positive view to life and calmness has made me understand the need of being focused in tough times. He has showed us the valid and powerful reasons of leading an honourable life as a soldier in Indian armed forces.

We all have some aim in life which we want to achieve one day with hard work and dedication. After following the life journey and positive attitude of my role model Vikram Batra my aspiration is to become a great soldier and serve our nation. As I always want to do something for my motherland and people, it will be a great role to protect my nation from the enemies. It will fulfil my mind when I will be able to do something for my country and give a fruitful future to its people. I have clearly understood that I will be responsible to stand like a protective wall near the borders of my country. The disciplined and well organised lifestyle of soldiers have inspired me so much that I have adopted in my daily routine. All soldiers are trained through such hardships and difficulties that they become completely responsible to do their duty ideally.

I have understood that as a soldier I need to be focused in my duty at any circumstances. As a soldier I need to be concerned about everything around me always which is a sign of wise personality. Captain Vikram Batra had always lived a life with complete dignity at all situations which is another reason for my inspiration. At all times, he acted the role of great friend and leader besides fulfilling all the responsibilities of a soldier. He had never thought for second times when it came to fight for his nation. So, in the overall his courageous nature, positive attitude and sacrifice have inspired me a lot to choose the career of soldier by keeping all other options behind. I would like to say that I have always immense honour for all army soldiers in my mind who have chosen the life of soldiers with the aim of protecting the nation and fighting for it. All these reasons are enough to make me feel proud for choosing the armed forces as a great career option.


The persons who choose the life of soldiers are well-known to the life of dignity, honour, full of sacrifices and unavoidable duty. This reasons should always be in mind while moving ahead to be an ideal soldier of the country. So, as a soldier it is also my responsible to protect my country and reach to the supreme power where no enemy can think about disturbing us. I will follow the philosophy of captain Vikram Batra for becoming a great soldier and fight for my country at all situations. At any cost I want to see my motherland safe, free from the attack of enemies. So, I want to join Indian armed forces in future to dedicate my life for the nation and work selflessly for the people of it.

FAQs on Gallantry Award Winner Essay Class 6 to 12:

What are the names of all gallantry awards given by the government of India?

Answer. The names of all gallantry awards category wise are Paramvir chakra, Mahavir chakra, Vir chakra, Ashoka chakra, Kirti chakra and Shaurya chakra.

On which days gallantry awards are given and by whom?

Answer. Every year gallantry awards are announced twice, once on the republic day and the other on the Independence Day. Gallantry awards are given by the president of India at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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