Importance of Cleanliness of Environment

Importance of Cleanliness of Environment – Essay

Importance of Cleanliness of Environment: The environment provides food and shelter to all the living organisms (plants and animals). Keeping it clean and pollution-free ensures we have a steady supply of fresh air. However, water contamination, climate change, and pollution are degrading the environment at an alarming rate. Keeping our environment clean involves minimizing environment-degrading acts and processes and taking initiatives aimed at eliminating dirt already discarded to the ecosystem.

Importance of Cleanliness of Environment

Human beings must act with speed to reverse the destructive processes like combustion of fossil fuels, destruction of water catchment areas and oil spillages. No one should think their individual efforts are too small to make a huge difference. When each of us makes an effort to keep our environment clean and green, our efforts will collectively make a huge difference. Some of the steps you can take are minimizing wastage of natural resources, avoiding littering parks and walkways and volunteering to support organizations formed to preserve the environment.

Importance of keeping the environment clean

  1. Lengthen lifespan; decrease in lifespan is closely linked to the increasing pollution. Cleaning the environment reverses pollution effects.
  2. Healthy living; failing to keep the environment clean paves way for pollutants and toxins that have harmful effects to your health.
  3. Reduces global warming; some dirt emits greenhouse gases that trap heating leading to an increase in average temperatures.
  4. Creation of safe haven for future generations; your future family will appreciate your efforts towards a conducive environment.
  5. Biodiversity; keeping the environment clean ensures members of the ecosystem have habitats to thrive.
  6. Appreciation; the environment gives us a lot for free and it is only natural that we appreciate it by keeping it clean.
  7. Creation of renewable energy sources; keeping our environment clean creates renewable energy to reduce stress on non-renewable
  8. Attracts multinational companies; MNC’s establish companies resulting in huge economic growth in the area.
  9. So it can sustain us; the environment is and will be our home for eternity. For the ecosystem to provide for us, we need to preserve it.
  10. Safety; cleaning the environment ensures that it is free from clutter that makes it hard navigate safely.
  11. Social responsibility; keeping the environment clean, safe, healthy and conducive is our social responsibility.
  12. Saves money; cleaning the environment eradicates germs and harmful insects that would otherwise require a lot of to exterminate.
  13. Imparts positive values on children; keeping the environment clean imparts a civic sense in all community members.
  14. Unity; keeping our environment clean by collectively picking dirt brings people together thus fostering unity.
  15. Preserves food chain; environmental pollution can destroy one organism in the food chain putting a negative impact on human beings.
  16. Ensures the survival of vanishing organism; some extinct species can vanish entirely if we do not keep our environment clean.
  17. Inner satisfaction; being self-responsible by cleaning the environment goes a long way in giving us fulfillment.
  18. Promotes tourism; tourists enjoy vesting places that are clean and well-maintained increasing revenue in the region.
  19. Employment opportunities; keeping the environment clean attracts foreign investors who will establish industries in the region.
  20. Creates more space; huge heaps of garbage and debris occupies a lot of space preventing us from utilizing it.


Some of the ways to keep our environment clean include recycling plastic products as opposed to throwing them away, adopting eco-friendly measures and planting trees. Use water economically and avoid wasting this crucial resource at all costs. Also, throw dirt in the designated area and teach your children to always clear and clean your compound, the yard and their playground. This way, we will collectively reduce pollution and enjoy living in a peaceful, fresh air laden environment.

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