Importance of Joint Family

Importance of Joint Family – 2 Essays

Importance of Joint Family : Joint family is an undivided family. It basically refers to an extended family set up characteristic of the Indians. It is made up of multiple family generations all of whom come together under one roof and bound by the same relation relationship. The joint family is very important and has a very significant gesture to the Indians which is why many families prefer to hold such methods of coexistence.

Importance of Joint Family – Essay 1.

Joint family helps foster love within a family so that people can be closer to each other for the good of the family.

It also helps foster unity as living together means that they have to work together with the goal of a sustainable coexistence.

With a joint family there is no need to travel far to visit relatives as they all share the same household and therefore meet every day.

Finances are saved as living together spares many families from expenses such as rent and meals, now they can all share.

It makes it possible to take care of each other until old age because by staying together, each member is responsible for the safety of the other.

Family resources are well taken care of because of the strength that comes with numbers.

Makes it possible to learn from each other and understand each other because of living together in peace and harmony.

Joint family set up has a sustainable purpose and should therefore be encouraged. The fact that Indian families actually encourage joint family arrangements and the fact that it actually works means that families in other countries should also borrow the concept so that they favor love and unity.

Importance of Joint Family – Essay 1.

A family when lives together with all family members up to 2nd generation like grand parents, parents, uncle, aunts and their children is called a joint family. The importance of joint family is understood by the Indians since time immemorial.

But while young people are going advanced with their lifestyles, they are shy away from living jointly with their parents and grandparents. These people are usually missed a lot of fun, caring, elder guidance from time to time which causes a lot of problems in the future like loneliness, frustrations, etc.

The importance and value of Joint Family is described below:

  1. In the joint family, all members are equally sharing all expenses, works and other things with the other members of the family so the burden of work will not be felt by any single person.
  2. All children get equal share of love, care, guidance and education by the elder grandparents so that they never miss anything in their whole life. Similarly they can also easily get help from their parents.
  3. Small children will get teaching guidance from their uncle, aunts, and other family members. The sharing resources with the cousins and sisters help parents to decrease the expenses on their child.
  4. On the eve of big occasions like marriage, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, etc., the work can easily be shared with all members so that the event will be successful. This will bring down the burden from the parents.

Joint family is better than nuclear family due to the above advantages. But young generations are moving to towns and metro cities for searching of jobs, and then they live there. Due to space crunch in their home, income level and other reasons they can’t live with their parents, grandparents, etc.

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