Importance of National Integration Essay

Importance of National Integration Essay for Students and Children

Nation Integration means people of the country living together and bond with relationships, etc. The people live together by separating religion, caste, creed, gender. It is the feeling of oneness and social unity in the people of the country. This National Integration helps the country to be united and stand strong against the opposition of the country. National integration will make the country united and integrated into the paths of development and economic growth. Similarly, the below Essay on the Importance of National Integration will contain the information and how it helps in the development of the country. Much unique information will be covered in the Importance of National Integration Essay. In the further below of the article, quotes on the Importance of National Integration are listed.

Short Essay on Importance of National Integration

National Integration will play a vital role in uniting the people of the country and all the people as one. Every section of all religions should be united for the country by this national integration. This National Integration provides an equal platform and opportunities for the people in the economic development of the country. It removes all the barriers for the minority people of the society to live their life with freedom and peace. As the national integration is aimed is to provide barries less environment or society for all category people in society. It also helps people to self-develop and also tends to the development of the country in every sector and all aspects. National Integration is important for countries like India, where a large number of people with their religion and traditions were present. It also helps in stabilizing the people’s feelings and emotions at the time religious riots or caste riots arise.

In today’s world, National Integration had become an important factor in the development of the country. The government of the countries is taking care to develop this feeling in their people for various needs of the country to move up. National Integration will be built up in the people according to the government benefits for all categories and laws applying on people, etc. This can be developed in society through Education, Social unity, Equality, Cultural and Religion Respecting, and many more ways. The forces and police departments of the countries should look after the country safely and maintain the country’s peace and harmony in a linear plot.

Long Essay on National Integration Importance

National Integration has the great importance of the smooth running of democracy in the country. This National Integration means all the people of the country live together with brotherhood and equality. All the barriers like Caste, Religion, Creed, Sex, Wealth were removed between the people and lived with unity. With this national integration, there are many advantages to the development of the country and also for easy governance. It develops the people in a mental way to the unit each for the welfare of the country and social development in all the sectors. The main motto of Integration is to move the people towards development and prosperity.

As the National Integration develops the people’s unity and oneness which helpful for people to live in a society with freedom. National Integration will not only bring freedom to society, but it also enhances the social and cultural growth, improves the economy of the country, and makes the steps to move forward in development and technology. With national integration, the barriers are removed between people and every person will be equal to each other. Like minority and lower castes, all these types of issues will get an end. Every category child can get an education and no discrimination will arise between the people in name of any aspects.

The aims of National Integration are it unites the nation, increases economic growth, increases loyalty towards the nation, promotes social and cultural harmony, etc. By these aims, the people live with peace and harmony and it will open up the ways for the economic development of all the sectors. The National Integration will remove all the rules and problems faced by the people in Ancient days. Integration is important in countries like India where the country is highly populated and enriched with culture and traditions.

National Integration is very important in the ruling of democracy in the country. If the country has religious or caste riots between the people, then the government has to look after the people’s issues. Then the government cannot involve in the developing process of the country. In India, the National Integration Council was established by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru after the independence of the country. During the time of Independence, India has a high population and was enriched with people’s traditions. National Integration day is celebrated on November 19th of every year and rises a theme for the day according to barries risen in the country. However, the council brought out the best results in uniting the people and making India a United country with various religions.

The Importance of National Integration is it was important to inculcate in the minds of the youth for further generations. People should stop living individually and come together and live with freedom and happiness. As it also helps in all the ways of national development the government should also take some steps in educating and bringing people together. The government of the countries should conduct the National Integration CampsDrawing competitions for students, National integration awareness campaigns, etc. With the National Integration people can remove untouchability, religious and casteism differences, economical importance, unemployment, and many more. So people and governments should be built up the National Integration in the country for all the needs of development.

Quotes on Importance of National Integration

  • National Integration is the need of the hour
  • The development and prosperity of the nation depend on national integration.
  • National integration brings energy through synergy
  • India believes in peace and harmony; India lives by National Integration
  • National integration – now and always!
  • We try hard for national integration, But what happens is national differentiation!!
  • Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
  • National integration promotes peace and harmony.
  • Promote unity for national integration!
  • Say no to divisiveness; create national integration!

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