International Yoga Day 2022

International Yoga Day 2022 Essay, Theme, Speech, Significance (International Yoga Day 2022)

 International Yoga Day 2022 Essay In Hindi Speech, Significance, Slogan, Poetry, Poetry, Article, (Logo, Theme, Protocol, Quotes)

 International Yoga Day 2022 – International Yoga Day is a very good work towards keeping human healthy, all of you should know the importance of yoga and make it a part of your life. Read further about the importance of yoga and some important asanas. Also know about International Yoga Day 2022.

 International Yoga Day 2022

Official name International Yoga Day
When is it celebrated June 21
Where is it celebrated All over the world
When did it start Since 2015
How to celebrate Making people aware of Yoga, meditation


 Beginning of International Yoga Day (History)

 International Yoga Day has been declared on 21st June. The importance of yoga practice is an integral part of the history of India. Most of it was publicized by Swami Vivekananda. After this, International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on 21 June, which was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech in the United States of America on 27 September 2014. After which, in a meeting of 193 members of the United Nations, agreed for Yoga Day at the international level and June 21 was named International Yoga Day.

 When is International Yoga Day 2022 (International yoga 2022 day Date)

 Yoga holds great importance in our life. Every year, this year also International Yoga Day will be celebrated on 21st June.

 International Yoga Day Logo

The logo of International Day of Yoga depicts a person with folded hands, which along with yoga, represents the unity between mind and body, man and nature.

Green, brown, yellow and blue colors have been used in making this logo and these colors represent different things.

Shown in the logo of yoga, green leaves symbolize nature, brown leaves symbolize earth element, blue color symbolizes water, yellow color symbolizes fire element and sun signifies source of energy and inspiration .

Apart from this, ‘Yoga for Harmony and Peace’ is written at the bottom of this logo. Because with the help of yoga people get harmony and peace.

Where will the International Yoga Day be organized (Celebrated on Mysuru 2022)

 This time also Yoga Day will be celebrated in every country of the world. However, last year due to the Corona epidemic, people were seen celebrating this day at their homes. Let us tell you that in the year 2022, this day will be celebrated in Mysore, Karnataka state of India.

 International Yoga Day 2022 Theme

 Every year a theme is selected for International Yoga Day and through that theme people are made aware about yoga. The theme of this day for the year 2022 is ‘Yoga for Humanity‘. 

 Names of Important Yogasanas (Yoga asanas with names and information protocol)

 Here we are going to give you some information about yoga and how it is done, which is as follows –


 In this, by standing straight, slowly put all your weight on the paws and lift the heel up. This position is repeated and standing in this position for some time is called holding it.


 Standing straight, bend forward and touch your toes without bending your knees. After this, try to touch your head on the thighs.


 In this, he is made to stand on his head.


 In this, some space is done between the legs by standing straight. Bend down from the waist, as well as touch the toes of the opposite foot with the right hand without bending the knee and touch the toes of the right foot with the opposite hand.


 By bending both the legs, keeping the spine straight, keep your hands on the knees.


 In this, he is taken on the stomach and the hands and feet are kept open directly in the air.


 In this, lying on the stomach, the feet are caught with the hands. A bow shape is formed.


 In this, by lying upside down, the complete balance of the body is made on the toes of your hand and toes.


 In this, the stomach, thighs, knees and toes are all on the ground by lying upside down and the front part of the body is raised on the strength of the hands as above. In this, the elbows of the hand are slightly bent.

 There are many such asanas, which you should learn and do daily. Asanas are beneficial for all people who are thin and thin. While doing asanas, a person should do asanas according to his ability, the flexibility of everyone’s body is different and he is able to do asanas accordingly.

 Why is International Yoga Day celebrated?

 Yoga is as important for life as its tablet to a BP patient. Falling into a disease and then running here and there for its treatment and spending a lot, it is better to take time for yoga from today itself. There is no cost and no loss in this. Yoga has only benefits, which have been accepted by all the people of the world, which is why International Yoga Day is being celebrated in the country. In view of the increasing diseases in the world, this is a very good decision which has been taken globally.

Yoga is not only necessary for obese people or sick people. Yoga brings all round development of a person. Along with physical development, mental development also takes place.

international yoga day objective

There is only one purpose behind the announcement of Yoga Day, rising above religion, caste and making a beginning for social welfare. Yoga has benefits in every sphere of life, it is the end of many problems. Therefore, there should be awareness about yoga in all religions and castes. The objective of International Yoga Day 2022 is to keep the human race healthy.

Benefits Of Yoga


Yoga not only brings physical fitness, but gives maximum mental peace. This keeps the mind calm and reduces stress. Along with this, it also controls all the activities of the body. Yoga controls all the expressions of life like happiness, sorrow, love.

Yoga Keeps the body healthy:

The blood flow of the body is controlled by yoga, due to which there is agility in the body, which removes harmful toxins, due to which the disorders of the body are removed and the patients get relief from it. At the same time, a sense of positivity flows. Due to which the body remains healthy.

Lose weight:

The most effective form of yoga is Surya Namaskar, which brings flexibility in the body. Blood flow is good. There is relief in stiffness and stiffness of the body. Weight is controlled by yoga. Those whose weight is less, they grow and those who are more, they are less.

Less anxiety:

By yoga, the mind remains focused, a sense of coolness comes in it and disorders like anxiety come to an end. Yoga reduces anger, controls blood pressure, thereby maintaining physical and mental balance.

Peace of Mind

The mind remains calm with yoga. The mind is corrected, due to which positive thoughts flow. Positive attitude changes the outlook of life. Human beings do not see anything wrong in any object, other human or animal. There is no enmity in the mind for anyone. In this way, the mental development of man takes place through yoga.

Increases Morale:

Self-confidence increases in a person through yoga, confidence comes. There is success in work in every sphere of life. Humans are capable of fighting every situation. Also takes the challenges of life enthusiastically

Increases Immunity:

Yoga improves metabolism and balances respiration, which increases the ability of a person to fight diseases. Power is transmitted to fight the biggest disease. There are remedies for the biggest disease in yoga and meditation.

Increased enthusiasm for life

You can also call yoga as magic, doing yoga regularly increases enthusiasm for life. Self-confidence increases, positive feeling comes, as well as self-confidence also increases, which increases enthusiasm towards life.

Increases Energy:

Man does many activities daily and gets tired at the end of the day, but if he does yoga regularly, then energy is transmitted in him. There is no feeling of tiredness or sadness towards any work. All the organs get enough energy to do their work, because through yoga there is proper digestion of food which increases daily energy.

Body Becomes Flexible

Yoga ends the stiffness of the body. There is less amount of fat in the body, which brings flexibility. Due to flexibility, there is never unnecessary pain in the body. And the way the body should be, its texture gradually gets better by doing yoga daily.

First International Yoga Day

The birth of yoga is hidden somewhere in the pit of India. There is importance of yoga in our texts which are now part of the whole world. On June 21, 2015, on the special request of the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, it was celebrated globally to raise this yoga at the international level and to make everyone understand its importance. This first International Yoga Day was celebrated in the year 2015. This was the first time that a resolution was passed in the United States in just six days.

Special preparations were made in India to celebrate this day of June 21, in which BJP members made a special contribution. Along with this, a lot of hard work was done by BJP workers to spread it in the country. On this day, the Ministry of AYUSH made special arrangements in India. Narendra Modi and a large number of 35,985 people from 84 countries performed 21 yoga asanas for 35 minutes at Rajpath in New Delhi. Millions of people around the world celebrated the day dedicated to yoga. NCC cadets entered the Limca Book of Records for “Largest Yoga Performance by a Single Uniformed Youth Organization” by performing at multiple venues.

Two Guinness World Records awards were given to the Ministry of AYUSH at a ceremony held at Rajpath and it was received by AYUSH Minister Shripad Yesso Naik. There were two more records, one for the largest yoga class involving 35,985 people and the other for the most participating nationalities (84 countries). Swami Ram Dev, who is known as Yoga Guru, also made special preparations for International Yoga Day. Ramdev ji made a special program of 35 minutes, which he did for everyone on the day of International Yoga Day.

Thus, during the first International Day of Yoga celebrations in Delhi, the Prime Minister organized yoga with more than 35,000 participants.

Special contribution of Swami Ram Dev towards Yoga (Ramdev baba yoga)

Ramdev has given 25 years to explain the importance of yoga in the country. Yoga is the oldest in the country, but Ram Dev Baba has contributed a lot to the people towards it. For this reason, the Haryana BJP government has made Ram Dev Baba as the brand ambassador of Yoga. It is because of Baba Ram Dev that people have a big tendency towards Pranayama, due to this the problems of many people have reduced. It is Ram Dev Baba who has inspired people for Ayurveda and that is why Patanjali is being given a lot of importance in the country.

Yoga has many qualities, so for this all the people of the world should wake up. We all should support each other for physical and mental development, and this is the first big step in this direction. International Yoga Day, 21 June 2015, yoga was done all over the world, which had a positive effect all over the world, because yoga is such a method, which is done sitting in a place with more and more people. The more positivity grows at that place and this energy is very beneficial for everyone.

All asanas and pranayama have special importance in yoga, but it is advisable to do it only after learning it under someone’s guidance. Disorders arise due to doing asanas or pranayama in the wrong way. Surya Naskar in asana and Sudarshan Kriya are very prevalent in meditation. If you make both these modes an integral part of your daily routine, then you will get innumerable benefits from it and you will be far away from diseases.

Why is India called the father of yoga?

If we are talking about International Yoga Day, why not talk about India? Because the history of yoga is in India itself. It is believed that the history of yoga is 27000 years old from today. It is said that 200 BC Maharishi Patanjali wrote the Yoga Sutras. Yoga is a word derived from Sanskrit, which is why at one time it was limited to people of Hindu religion only. Maharishi Patanjali also told about Ashtanga Yoga, because of him, it was spread all over the world rather than in one religion. Today science also tells the importance of yoga. Today yoga remains an important part of our life whether it is for health or self-peace.

International Yoga Day 2022 (Yoga Quotes in Hindi)

  • Doing yoga not only gives power and energy to the body, but also gives peace to the mind. Therefore, by doing yoga every day, a person remains mentally calm and healthy.
  • With the help of yoga, a person gets the strength to correct those things, which can be right and also gets the strength to bear those things, which cannot be right.
  • Yoga is not a religion, it is a science, science of well being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind and soul
  • People who eat a lot of food cannot do yoga, those who do not eat at all, yoga is not possible for them either. Along with this, it is not possible to do yoga for those who sleep a lot, or wake up too much.

Through this essay, many benefits of yoga have been told to you and as much as it is written in it, the importance of yoga is many times more than that. I am making my small contribution in this direction through this blog so that my readers also get the experiences that I have had.


Q: When is International Yoga Day?

Ans: On 21st June

Q: When was the first International Yoga Day celebrated?

Ans: In 2015

Q: Who started International Yoga Day?

Ans: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Q: What is the theme of International Yoga Day 2022?

Ans: Yoga For Humanity.

Q: How is International Yoga Day celebrated?

Ans: By doing yoga, we keep our body healthy.

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