Is Science a blessing or a curse?

Is Science a blessing or a curse?

Is Science a blessing or a curse? : Science has made a great Influence every fair sphere of life. Today life is completely governed by it and it is impossible to imagine existence without its help. Agriculture, business, transport, communication and medicine to name a few are highly indebted to the wonders science has produced.

Is Science a blessing or a curse?

We have become scientifically more advanced from our ancestors. This is because the world has undergone a tremendous change because of the rapid strides made by science and technology.

Science has invented many means of transport

In ancient times people had to travel on foot and carts. Travelling was a tough task and it took days and months to reach from one place to the other. Science has invented many means of transport like cycles, railway, train, motor-car and aeroplanes which have undoubtedly added to human comfort. Now we can easily go far off places within a short span of time. Similarly science added to human comfort and happiness through the means of communication. Now it is easy to talk to anyone at any place in the world with the help of communication devices.

Science has revolutionized the way of living by invention of Electricity

One another invention of science which has revolutionized the way of living is the invention of Electricity. This is one of the wonders that science has produced. It is used in almost all aspects of life like cooking, heating, cooling and cleaning etc. This is a source of energy and it can run any type of machinery.

Science revolutionized the world of entertainment

Scientific discoveries and invention have enabled man to increase the production from land. With these inventions science has brought about a great improvement in agriculture and its techniques. Scientific research in agriculture has greatly improved seeds and plants.

Science has also revolutionized the world of entertainment and invented a number of means of entertainment. Cinema gramophone radio television are some of the most popular means of recreation, science has given to the Man. These means also provide education. Through them we can become aware of all the happenings around the world.

Science has also added to the happiness of people in the medical field

Science has also added to the happiness of people in the medical field. With the help of science we can fight diseases like smallpox, tuberculosis and many more. Cures have been found even for those diseases which were considered incurable in olden times. The methods of diagnosis prevention and treatment have developed with rapid speed. As a result of this much progress in medical science, man finds himself safer, secure and his average age has lengthened.

 But this is only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin shows the negative impact of science on human life. The misuse of science and its inventions have brought the entire human kind at the verge of destruction.

The destructive potential of atomic energy was witnessed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 

Some deadly weapons have been produced by science such as machine guns, explosives, nuclear bombs etc. these weapons can destroy the whole mankind. The destructive potential of atomic energy was witnessed in August 1945, when the United States dropped atom bombs in the Japanese City Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those who survived the nuclear bombing suffered from its aftermath.

Science a blessing or a curse?

Man has since then, discovered weapons which are more sophisticated and destructive than their earlier version. The use of any of these bombs can annihilate the whole of mankind.  Apart from atomic weapons, man has also started stockpiling Biological and chemical weapons. Bioscience is used to make disease which can be used in the battlefield chemical weapons are also extremely dangerous.

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Vehicles and Industries have made the world a virtual gas chamber 

It is true that the invention of vehicles and machines has made our life comfortable but we cannot deny the fact that the smoke and gases emitted by vehicles and Industries have made the world a virtual gas chamber. These gases are causing global warming and pollution. The harmful chemical emission released into the atmosphere causes gradual depletion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

Continual emission can damage the blanket further and result in the rise in global temperature. The result of global warming could mean the melting of ice in Polar Regions, thereby raising the water level of seas and oceans. The low lying areas would then submerge because of the rise in the water level. Experiments have shown that the Earth is 0.5C warmer than it was in the last century.

Water have become contaminated by untreated industrial wastes

Increased use of fertilizers and pesticides has contaminated both water and soil. Our major sources of water have become contaminated because untreated industrial wastes and sewage are pumped into them. Man has become self-centered and egoistic. Feelings of spirituality have gone out of the human being and materialism is holding up in its grip.  With the increased use of machines we have become physically inactive which has given rise to obesity and heart related problems. Scientific discoveries like cloning have given rise to fear of development of human clones who could spell doom for the whole civilization.

Science can’t be blamed for being civilized or uncivilized

 All these inventions of science can be used for both constructive and destructive purposes; it is up to man to use them accordingly. It is not science to be blamed for being civilized or uncivilized but it is open to us to use either for peaceful purposes or for destructive purposes.

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