Is technology a boon or a bane?

Is technology a boon or a bane?

Is technology a boon or a bane? : Technology, a child of humans, is not an underestimated term. In the present scenario, it’s a necessity for everyone. It seems similar to democracy, which states that it is of the people, for the people, and by the people. Technology seems to share a similar notion.

Is technology a boon or a bane?

The human robots who continuously work for 24 hours are the genesis of the technology. Technology is for human robots, by human robots, and for human robots. Interestingly, every second seems to be fading away as the new digital world has overtaken the simplified version of our lives. In fact, globalisation is the reason for expanded social, cultural, economic, and political connections through the fast service of Internet connectivity.

This development across the boundaries and exchange of tech culture led to a massive development leading to the sharing of views, opinions, photos, and videos.

Tech Culture

Technology has not only brought greater results but has also overshadowed the days when everyone used to wait for postmasters to read a letter. Telegrams or postcards are no longer in use. Indeed, gone are the days when humans used to spend time glaring at the sky, wondering about their future.

The growth and advancement of technology have united the whole world on one single platform, “social media“. That means, let’s be social everywhere. Even if you’re getting late to your office or getting a massage at a parlor, a quick glance on Facebook or Twitter, or a small talk over Skype, can give you a fair idea of your surroundings and connect you to your loved ones. Definitely, a revolutionary era began and it led to a drastic transformation in communication.

Now, there is no need to open the newspaper or contact your friends through phones or messenger, which was a tedious task made easier. Undoubtedly, it has been a marvelous achievement in the field of tech culture. But it has its boons and banes.

Let’s see what are the boon of ‘technology’:

The emergence of tech products: There is no doubt that technological advancement in the form of gadgets, high-tech TVs, radios, iPods, smartphones, IPads, and PlayStations has reduced our anxiety over searching for encyclopedias manually in the library. Be it a library, online games, or e-commerce, whatever we want, everything is present in front of our eyes.

Online life: When human relationships are losing their sense, a high-tech version of isolation has given us a new form of enjoying life online. Nobody knew that the millennium age would bring some drastic transformations that could really place many people under the umbrella of social media. From Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, anyone can contact anyone within a minute or seconds.

Digitisation: A new kind of crazy weather just began and, similar to a swarm of flies, started moving towards the digitising wave. No matter what we look at or how we dress up, tech culture gulps the entire world slowly.

Over the years, notably, technology has always kept us above average in terms of growth and progress. It has been observed that technology is a boon in its own right. But, technology has its own disadvantages.

There are various disadvantages related to the usage of technology, like social media and gadgets, which are highly viewed.

  1. Data Security: Data security protects data in the event that someone violates a contract to save, collect, and store data.
  2. Crime and Terrorism: Crime and terrorism are part of the dark web of trade that gives potential involvement to several cyber officials, and in this way, social media becomes a mediator in providing information through photos and videos.
  3. Privacy concerns: Privacy in this digital world is in danger. Your important information can be stolen and sold. If privacy settings don’t have proper rules, then it leads to harassment, cyberbullying, and impersonation.
  4. Addiction: Social media has a lot of significance. But if a teenager uses social media for over 9 hours, then he/she is exploiting himself/herself. It can lead to blurred vision, anxiety, and headaches.
  5. Dependency: An increased dependency on social media leads to various mental health problems, with anxiety being the most common one. Another can be getting yourself killed. One such instance happened when a person was trying to take selfies and died due to his obsession.

However, whether the technology is a boon or a bane is a matter of discussion in the present scenario.

Overall, it can be said that obsession with social media and gadgets within a short span of time indicates a serious concern.

Today’s high-tech world, where social media is a handy and convenient option for escaping the realities of the world, has seriously broken the concentration of the human mind. Excessive time spent on updating status on social media is creating a maniac attack.

Therefore, a larger clarification is required in order to solve the growing technological usage.

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