Jagriti Awasthi Booklist for IAS

Jagriti awasthi booklist for ias / upsc +with Sociology optional booklist (who is jagriti awasthi)

Jagriti awasthi booklist for ias / upsc +with Sociology optional booklist (who is jagriti awasthi)

Jagriti Awasthi Booklist for IAS

Hey guys today we are going to discuss more about a very special topic which is related to the ias topper Jagruti Awasthi mam.

Are you ready to know about her complete booklist then read this guide till the end 😊

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Who is jagriti awasthi upsc topper?

Jagrati Awasthi is the ias toppers of 2020 batch of civil service.

  • Jagrati cracked upsc Civil service exam with 2nd rank.
  • She is a very popular officer in india.
  • Millions of girls inspired from Jagrati Awasthi to enter in the civil service to serve national ✨

Jagriti  Awasthi booklist


Ancient history

  • R S Sharma

Modern history

  • Spectrum
  • NCERT books
  • Ancient and Medieval History – NCERT book Class 12th  🤙Our Past 1 and 2

Art and Culture –

  • Coaching notes
  • NCERT 11 and 12

Geography –

  • GC Leong
  • NCERT 11 and 12

Environment –

  • Shankar IAS
  • Current Affairs
  • The hindu

Polity –

  • Laxmikant
  • Current Affairs
  • D D basu

Economics –

  • NCERT Class 11 and 12
  • Ramesh singh
  • Mrunal notes + video

Science and Tech –

  • Current Affairs Sources

Current Affairs –

  • The Hindu
  • India express
  • Vision IAS Monthly Magazine for Current Affairs

Jagruti Awasthi sociology booklist

1.Sociology – Anthony Giddens

2.Sociology – Haralambos and Holborn

3.Sociological Thought – Francis Abraham and John Henry Morgan

4.Political Theory – O.P. Gauba

Jagruti Awasthi sociology booklist For paper 2

1.Social change in India – M.N. Srinivas

2.Modernization of Indian Tradition – Yogendra Singh

3.Handbook of Indian Sociology – Veena Das

4.Indian Society and Culture – Nadeem Hasnain

5.Rural Sociology – Doshi and Jain

6.Social Background of Indian Nationalism – A.R. Desai


After reading the complete booklist I hope you will get all details information 👍

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