Love For Love Play : Summary

Love For Love Play : Summary

Love For Love Play Summary: The young Valentine legend, who has wasted all his money in a life of riots, is destitute and deeply in debt. With no assets other than his books, he announced his intention to become a playwright, as his love for Angelica forced him to take truly desperate measures. Upon hearing of Valentine’s intentions, his angry servant Jeremy shows alarm and says that Valentine’s family will surely reject him.

Love For Love Play : Summary

Among Valentine’s creditors is Trapland, a clumsy old writer who tries to intimidate him. When Valentine, who is joined by his friend Scandal, threatens to blackmail Trapland about a wealthy town widow, the old man suddenly forgets the money Valentine had given him.

The steward of the Sir Sampson Legend tells Valentine that he will be freed from all debts if he signs off on his younger brother Ben’s rights as Sir Sampson’s successor. If he signs, he will receive four thousand pounds in cash. Meanwhile, Foresight, an old fool given to the science of prophecy, remembers his foolish daughter, Pru, from the country. Foresight plans to marry her to Ben Legend.

Angelica, wealthy, young and smart, reprimands her uncle for his belief in astrology. Enraged, Foresight threatens to end his friendship with Valentine. Angelica, annoyed, says that Mrs. Foresight, the old man’s young second wife, is not true to her.

Sir Sampson the Legend, a great narrator of tall tales of world travel, foresight arranges the wedding of Ben and Prue. When Sir Sampson hints to Foresight that Mrs. Foresight cannot be a faithful wife, Foresight threatens to break the agreement of marriage. Sir Sampson quickly makes amends.

Valentine, in search of Angelica, meets his father at Forsight’s house. He is enraged when his father rejects him as a son, and he asks his father to change his mind about the conditions under which he can be released from debt.

When Mrs. Forsight repeatedly reproaches her sister for her imprudence to prey on gamers and heroes, Mistress Friel reveals her knowledge of Mrs. Forsight’s own conscience. Mistress Frail then announces her intention to marry Ben and enlists her sister’s help in the project. Meanwhile, Pru finds herself charmed by Tattle, a playful young dandy. When Mrs Forsight and Mistress Frail encourage Tattle to court Prue, he is shocked, as he learns of the marriage between Prue and Ben. Nevertheless, he gives Pru a lesson in the art of love, a lesson that carries on to his bedroom. Tattle, tired of relationships with the crude country girl, is relieved when Prue’s nurse finds them.

Ben, returning from a sea voyage, announces that he is not interested in marriage at this time, but when Mistress Frail flatters him, he apparently changes his mind. Left alone, she and Pru express dislike for each other. Ben announces that he talks to Pru only to obey his father.

Scandal fills himself with foresight by pretending to have knowledge of astrology, on behalf of Valentine. His plan succeeds, and he convinces Foresight that it is not in the stars for Valentine to sign his inheritance or for Ben and Prue’s marriage. Attracted to Mrs. Foresight, Scandal shakes the old foresight to heroically pay attention to his young wife. Ben and Mistress Frail confess their love and decide to get married.

Scandal is told that Valentine is sick, so Angelica goes to her residence. Despite Scandal’s insistence that the acceptance of her love for Valentine will heal the young man, she quickly discovers a trick and walks away. Sir Sampson and a lawyer named Buckram arrive to get Valentine’s signature on the documents they have prepared. Jeremy insists that Valentine is out of his mind. Bakram says that the signature will be invalid under the circumstances, but sir..

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