Medical science and the modern man

Medical science and the modern man

Today we are going to discuses about the essay “Medical Science and modern man“. Man in his lifetime remains under the influence of two types of environments-external and internal. The external environment encompasses the surrounding in which man lives and interacts. The internal environment refers to the human body. The world inside provides the necessary impetus to man to interact with the world outside. Therefore, its well-being becomes a matter of utter importance and concern for man.

Medical science ensures the well- being and proper working of the human body

There has been constant endeavor to know more about the human body, its structure, functions and mechanism; to set straight its malfunctioning and to protect it from the disease-causing germs. Man always wishes to keep his body system in its vibrant state.

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Medical science has been constantly trying to devise ways and means to help man in maintaining sound health. It provides remedies and cures and safeguards man against various maladies afflicting mankind. It ensures the well- being and proper working of the human machine.

Different systems of medicine Science

Mankind has been plagued by various ailments and diseases since times immemorial. Man has racked his brain to find cures and remedies for such afflictions. Such exercise, in different parts of the world, at different times, have given birth to different systems of medicine viz. the Egyptian system, the Chinese system, the Greco-Roman system, the Indian system, the Homeopathy and the western system. Homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’.

Allopathy vs Ayurvedic in medical science

Allopathy is based on the principle ‘opposite cures opposite’. Though allopathy is quite prevalent and popular, the ancient system of medicine has recently come to the fore. Acupuncture, the method of pricking skin or tissues with needles as treatment for various conditions, as developed by the Chinese, is becoming well-known nowadays. Modern man has also realized the importance of Ayurvedic towards achieving a sound mind and a sound body.

Different method of diagnosis, prevention and treatment have developed with breathtaking speed

In the last few decades, medical science has taken very rapid strides. The method of diagnosis, prevention and treatment both Medical and surgical have developed with breathtaking speed. Many disease like smallpox, chickenpox, polio, malaria and many more which are considered incurable, have now almost been eradicated. A number of a deadly disease like tuberculosis, cancer etc. now easily diagnosis and their treatment has also become possible. Internal Tambours and stones can now be detected and cured.

Hidden disease in the body can be diagnosed with X-rays, ultrasonic rays, CT Scan

 Hidden disease in the body can be diagnosed easily with the help of X-rays, ultrasonic rays, CT Scan etc. Open heart surgeries, organ transplant, brain surgeries are quite common in these days. Medicinal and surgical treatment are developing very fast. By surgical operations, eyesight can be given to a visually challenged person and power of hearing to a hearing impaired person.

Global research on coronavirus disease

WHO is bringing the world’s scientists and global health professionals together to accelerate the research and development process, and develop new norms and standards to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and help care for those affected. The R&D  Blueprint has been activated to accelerate diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics for this novel coronavirus.  The solidarity of all countries will be essential to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 health products.

Blood transfusion in modern medical science

In a medical breakthrough in 2007, doctors at All India Institute of Medical  Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi, used one cornea to provide site to three patients. The year 2007 witnessed another breakthrough in Medical Science. Danish scientists have converted A, B and AB Blood types into O.  O negative is  the universal donor blood group which can be given to anyone in need to blood transfusion. This breakthrough could make all human universal donors and its potential means the end of blood shortage.

Sophistication and specialization in medical sciences

With So many advancements in the field of medicine, sophistication and specialization have taken place. Each part of the human body is being minutely and intensively studied. Therefore, there are different specialist like ophthalmologist, cardiologist, dentist, psychiatrist, orthopedic, Neurologist etc. to treat specific alignment in modern man.  Gone are the days when a General physician could treat diseases afflicting any part of the body. Giving artificial Limbs and organs have now become common.

Painless and bloodless surgeries

Painless and bloodless surgeries are being carried out these days. Laser surgeries enable surgeons to operate without ripping open the human body. Blood banks and sperm banks have been established. The application of genetic engineering works wonders. Many incurable genetic and other diseases can be cured by the process of genetic engineering. Advances in medical science have resulted in increase of average human life span and use of contraceptives has been a major factor in the decline of birth rate.

ELISA kit,  Particle Agglutination Test (PAT) are used to detect AIDS 

AIDS have emerged as a major health problem and still remain a lethal disease. Medical scientists are trying to find a cure for this dreaded disease. Studies have been made on molecular level to control the disease. Tests like ELISA kit,  Particle Agglutination Test (PAT) are used to detect AIDS. Due to all these efforts, some positive results are being noticed. According to  NACO’s latest estimate, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in India has come down a little.

Ready-to-use diagnosis kits for Malaria, Hepatitis

Nowadays ready-to-use diagnosis kits are available for specifically detecting many of these disease in particular parasitic disease like Malaria, Hepatitis and others. The advantage of such kits is that disease can be diagnosed at a very early stage of infections. Such kits are also available for pregnancy detection, for checking the sensitive allergens and for measuring blood level of a various substances.

Role of Forensic science for solving crimes

 Forensic science deals with the application of Medical Science of tackle legal issues. It helps in identifying the causes of death autopsy. Technique of DNA fingerprinting is frequently used for tracing and identifying criminals. This branch of Medical Science is helpful in solving crimes and those criminal mysteries which usually entangle police department.

Cloning and euthanasia have created a serious moral dilemma 

Progress in medical Time has also led to a certain social evils. The sex determination test is being misused for female foeticide. Cloning and euthanasia have created a serious moral dilemma. But these can be taken care of by a man himself.  The overdependence on medicine is quite unreasonable.

Importance of balanced diet

Researches in Medical Science have brought forth the necessities and importance of balanced diet. A balanced diet  having the correct amount of Carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, protein and Minerals, helps one to keep healthy and remained  free from diseases.


Medical science has proved to be a boon for more than man. It has provided many remedies, cures and safeguard against various diseases and disorders. It has added to human happiness and well-being. 


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