My Idol Essay

My Idol Essay | Essay on My Ideal Person [Teacher,Mother]

Writing an essay on my idol? Well, an idol person is one that is your inspiration. The favourite or ideal personality can be like; my idol teacher, actor, singer, artists, parents, APJ Abdul Kalam, Virat, father or mother etc.

In order to write a good essay on my idol you have to have the complete information regarding your idol.

Below we have written a sample essay on My idol, my ideal my teacher in simple words, short & long essay in 100,200,250, 300 words essay for children & students of Ukg class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10th level students.

Essay on My Idol | My Ideal Person Essay | Essay on My Ideal Person my Teacher, my Mother Essay

An idol is someone who has a big impact on your life. He is an inspirational source for us in every field of life. Everyone has an idol in life who they look up to and give a lot of respect. They try to follow the footsteps of their idol and implement everything in life that their idol advise them to.

My Idol My Teacher Essay

I have studied under many efficient teachers and I have learnt a lot from them. I respect them all so much but Miss Kiran is the teacher who I consider as my idol.

She is my idol because of so many reasons. She is a very kind, sweet and generous person who always has a smile on her face.

Her voice is not harsh but very soft, especially when she is addressing her students. She has a very humble nature and a loving heart. I have never seen her punishing any student for not giving answer or not doing homework.

She teaches us History and English. History is a headache for many students because there are so many dates and historical events to remember but her way of delivering the lectures is so simple that it gets very easy for us to learn her lectures.

She has a strong grip on her subjects and she knows how to deliver her lectures in a convenient way. I understand her lectures quickly. She also sacrifices her free time to take extra classes just for us.

She never feels tired of giving special attention to weaker students in order to make their concepts clear. She is very punctual. I have never seen her taking any unnecessary leave.

We eagerly wait for her class because she listens to questions of every student without getting harsh. She is strictly against favouritism and she gives marks to every student by keeping in view his class performance not because of any favor.

She knows how to maintain perfect discipline in class. We never get bored in her class. She has developed a healthy environment of learning. After our lecture, she is also a guide and a friend to us.

She always finishes her lecture ten minutes early then she talks to us about our problems. All of us feel so comfortable to discuss any issue with her. She knows her every student. If a student has any problem then she listens to him after class and helps him with his problems. She has pleasing manners and her attitude towards students is always empathetic.

She is also the head of our school’s sports club. She always encourages us participate in extra-curricular activities and sports competitions.

She also received the award of best teacher this year. The thing that I love the most about her is that she also teaches poor children of her society free of cost in the evening after school.

She inspires me to become a better person. She is not just a teacher but also a counselor who knows how to take care of her students. My respect for her cannot be framed in words.


I believe that teaching is the noblest and difficult profession that no short-tempered person can apply for it. We should be thankful to our teachers for making us smart enough to deal with any situation in life.

My teacher is my idol and one of the best teachers in my school. I will always have high respect for him in my life. She will always remain my idol and I hope to repay her one day by making her proud because of my achievements.

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