My Village Essay

My Village Essay | Essay on My Village

My Village Essay : A majority of the Indian population are farmers who are settled in villages. They toil to make both ends meet and produce crops for the entire nation. India has about 500000 villages, which are scattered throughout the country.

My Village Essay

A village is a settlement that has fewer than 5000 living units. A village is called the rural part of the country. It is called rural because it does not have modern facilities like cities. The main occupation of the villagers is farming. They are the primary source of the nation’s agricultural production.

Description of Villages

Villages have either tiny hamlets of thatched huts or large settlements of tiled roofs, stones, and brick homes. An impression has been created by artists and filmmakers that an Indian village is a simple cluster of mud-plastered walls, shaded by trees, overlooking the large expanses of green fields with a few people moving slowly and of course, bullock carts. They portray a village woman with a pot on her head and walking gracefully, her skirt swaying gently. The reality is that a village is the hub of nonstop activity, with their stronger work ethics.

Agriculture is tough and requires hard work. The villagers work very hard and are always trying to find innovative methods of growing wheat, rice, and lentils.

Importance of Village

The village is important because it is the primary sector of agricultural production for our country. The village is the backbone of India’s economy. It also plays a major role in maintaining the ecological balance of the environment. Villages are mostly covered with trees and plants. They are covered with green grasslands. One can see acres of green fields as far as the eyes could see. They provide shelter to many animals.

Life in Village

The village life is full of contentment and happiness, as people are not in a hurry like in city life.

Village people live a very simple life. Villages are mostly situated far from the hustle and bustle of urban civilization. The beauty of nature can be experienced in a village as it is surrounded by trees, flowers, mountains, streams, and farmlands. There is no pollution in the village and one can feel the freshness in the breeze. The demands of the villagers are not too high but they are still deprived of basic facilities. Clean drinking water, electricity, health center, schools, proper sanitation are a few facilities that are lacking in the villages. Their poverty is always visible in the atmosphere. The Panchayati Raj system still prevails in the village and they monitor all activities. The villagers are usually very superstitious.

My Village

My village is a small village with a population of only two hundred people. My village’s name is Bolpur. It is 150kms away from the main city of Kolkata. I visit my village once a year during my Dussehra vacation. I go there with my parents during this time to our ancestral house where Durga Puja takes place every year.

As the car turns to take the muddy road, I can feel the freshness in the air. The road that leads to the village has big trees on either side and they are so full of life as if they are dancing with joy to welcome us to their village. I have never seen such a breathtaking scene. There is a temple at the entrance of the village where often prayers, rituals, and other worshipping activities are taking place.. There is a big pond near the temple and is surrounded by mango trees, champak trees, and a big peepal tree. The smell of the flowers and mango buds attracts everyone’s attention. My ancestral home is behind the peepal tree.

There is a primary school in my village where the village kids study with a lot of enthusiasm. I love watching them, while the classes are going on, but right now for the Durga Utsav, the school is closed. There is a small dispensary with a doctor and a nurse. They can take care of basic illnesses like fever and stomach pain. For complicated ailments and medicines, the people have to go to the neighboring town. There is a small grocery shop where the basic necessities for sustenance are available.

Besides the grocery shop, there is a tea stall with some snacks available. The tea stall is the prime meeting point for all the villagers during the evening time, even in other hours of the day the stall is never empty. It is always full of people sipping tea and chatting, breaking the world’s news to each other. There is a post office in my village.

My favorite spot is a small rivulet. I love going there and spending time because beyond the rivulet lay are acres of grasslands and hills. For an artist, it will be a perfect picture to paint. All, young and old swim and bathe in the rivulet. The main occupation of the villagers is farming. Whenever I come to my village, I feel immense pleasure because of its peaceful and serene environment. I get to enjoy some fresh and organic vegetables and fruits here. The people in my village are very helpful and they live in harmony with no grudges. They live like one big family who always takes care of each other. We can hardly find this act of compassion back in the city.


My village is a small abode for happy people.  Here they live in harmony and peace. The village people are very hardworking and thus they must have a good source of upliftment. Like the village’s schools and clinics should be maintained and increased in number. The farmers should be facilitated by helping them to leverage their sales, make them notified about the modern techniques used in farming, and give them compensation and knowledge of the true market price of their crops. Thus, I would request governmental authorities to come forward and uplift the medical, educational, and farming facilities in the village.

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