Phileas Fogg-Character Sketch

Phileas Fogg-Character Sketch | Round the World in Eighty Days

Phileas Fogg-Character Sketch :  Jules Verne’s novel “Round the World in Eighty Days” is a remarkable novel depicting the thrills, romance and adventures of the Englishman named Phileas Fogg. He has been portrayed as an eccentric, disciplined and handsome person by the novelist. All the characters of the novel revolve round the character of Phileas Fogg.

Jules Verne’s novel “Round the World in Eighty Days”: ‘Le Tour monde on quadre-vingts jours’ appeared on the literary scene in 1873. It is not the first time that the themes of adventure, fantasy, travel, romance, and social observation have been handled by any dramatist; these themes were already employed by Jonathan Swift in his famous novel “Gulliver’s Travel” in 1726.

Phileas Fogg-Character Sketch

Though Mary Shelley’s well-known Gothic novel “Frankenstein” {1818} has been deemed as a precursor of science and fantasy fiction; but the true beginning of the depiction of fictional worlds and tales of adventures and romance  began with the appearance of Jules Verne’s novel “Voyage in the Centre of the Earth” {1864}; and H.G. Well’s novel “The War of the Worlds” [1898}.

Jules Verne, a French novelist, has also produced some fantastic novels such as “Voyage in the Centre of the Earth”: ‘Voyage au centre de la terre’ published in 1864, and “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea”: Vingt mille lieues sous leas mers’ appeared in 1870 which earned for him great name and fame.


The novel, “Round the World in Eighty Days” deals with the account of the wonderful journey of Phileas Fogg round the world. The novel attracts the attention of every reader due to its appeal to both heart and head. Jules Verne’s novel “Round the World in Eighty Days” is impregnated with fantastic incidents and adventures of Phileas Fogg. There is fine blending of illusion and reality in the novel.

As a fantasy novel, Verne’s novel “Round the World in Eighty Days” presents an imagined reality that is completely different in its nature but it appeals to our reason and logic. The novel represents the world totally different from our own world and experiences.

Jules Verne has carved out the character of Phileas Fogg as a man of forty who dwells in London. He has got strange habits which make his character quite interesting. He is handsome, rich, and a strict disciplinarian; and he always follows the ticking of the clock. He is a gentleman who is kind, amiable and generous by nature.

Despite all these qualities, Phileas Fogg has been portrayed as a bachelor during his journey in the novel; though he proposes Aouda at the end of the novel. His servant called Passportout looks after his house. Fogg is an introvert by nature and there are few people who know him well. He is punctual and likes to perform his work in time; he hates to get late. It is his habit to visit ‘Reform Club’ on regular basis at twelve o’ clock and stay there till 11.30 in the evening.

When Phileas Fogg comes back home, he goes to bed exactly at midnight. Nobody knows what his occupation is. One day, he accepts a bet in the Club. He promises his friends that he would go round the world in eighty days. He is even ready to lose twenty thousand pound amount if he fails to fulfill his bet. He takes his servant Mr. Passportout with him on his journey. He sets for a journey after the bet carrying twenty thousand pounds in his bag.

It is important to note that Phileas Fogg is deemed as a bank robber by a police detective Mr. Fix who chases him. Throughout the journey, Mr. Fogg has to go through many hardships and ordeals, but he gets success in his desired goal. He never loses his patience and control and shows great courage and determination in his journey. Phileas Fogg has been depicted as a kind-hearted man.

When he sees a poor girl, Aouda; he feels pity for her and stops his journey. With the assistance of Passportout, he saves her. Aouda feels love and respect for Phileas Fogg even when he loses the bet. Phileas Fogg brings great change in her life; and considers her worthy of marrying him. He does not leave her alone and tries to bring happiness to her.   Mr. Fogg bravely fights with the Red-Indians when he is attacked by them. He even saves the life of Passportout and others by chasing the Red-Indians.

Mr. Phileas Fogg also exhibits great courage and presence of mind in India. During his travel in India, he buys an elephant. He buys a steamer when he finds no coal left on the steamer. He spends huge amount of money throughout his journey because his primary aim is to reach his destination in time and to win the bet. For this, he cares little for money and tries to achieve his goal at any cost.

But there are some instances when Mr. Phileas Fogg does not even care for his bet. For example, when Aouda and Passportout are in trouble, he tries to save them. It clearly implies Phileas Fogg’s caring and amiable nature.

After having read the novel, the readers come to now that Fogg is a man of great courage and indomitable spirit. He is kind, generous, caring, and soft-hearted by nature. He proposes a poor girl Aouda for marriage at the end of the novel. The most important quality of Phileas Fogg is his punctuality and discipline. He wins the bet due to his good qualities. He is saved on many occasions by ‘Fate’ because he has saved and helped the others.

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