Philosophical Symbolism of The Play Post Office

Philosophical Symbolism of The Play Post Office

Philosophical Symbolism of The Play Post Office : Rabindranath Tagore play the post office certainly has many layers of meaning and all its themes are deeply embedded in the play’s inheritance symbolism. Symbolism according to its dictionary meaning denotes something that stand for, something very deeper or highly serious. There is no doubt that the play The Post Office is a great symbolical drama. On its surface level it is the story of pain and agony of human condition but in its deeper level the play is replenish with symbolical meaning.

Philosophical Symbolism of The Play Post Office

Tagore designed the play Post Office to be descriptively very simple portrayal of Indian village life and characters. He keeps the character list short, the main character is a little boy by the name of Amal. The boy has an intense curiosity of the outside world and years for the type of knowledge that can’t be learned from book.

The understanding of Tagore’s usage of symbolism in this play is intent to understanding his ideology.

Symbol of Letter :-

Man’s yearning is represented by Amal’s eagerness to receive the king’s letter. In another way the latter can be seen or thought as an invitation to the other world, the world of divinity. The letter symbolises and invitation to leave this world of pain and suffering and enter the world of eternal bliss where there is no pain.

Symbolism of Time:-

The Watchman and his ‘gong’ symbolise time. The Time is most powerful and waits for none. The Watchmen in this play makes this fact clear to Amal. When Amal asks when he will sound the ‘gong’ The Watchmen tells that he will do so when the actual time will come.

Symbol of Flowers:-

In the play Amal ask Sudha for a flower, which may be seen as a symbol of life and vitality. Sudha here symbolises freshness, fully free to live according to one’s own choice. She makes a call to Amal to know her name properly, whitch symbolically maybe suggested the need for purity to be acquainted with freshness.

Symbol of Boy’s:-

The boys on the play maybe treated as symbols of worldly pleasures, because the physical life has to look for material things sometimes. The boys in the play, the group symbolically make a call to the imaginative boy to join the the carnival of worldly pleasures lying outside of ones private boundaries.

Symbol of King:-

Tagore’s writing particularly his deep philosophical dramas portray a name less vague grand figure, sometimes who is called as the “king of the dark chamber” or at other time he is the eternity itself. In the play the King symbolises the almighty for whose message Amal patiently waits. It gives him sense behind the nonsense existence of living. This King is truly one of the grandest symbolical figure in the play.

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