Report Writing on Cleanliness Week

Report Writing on Cleanliness Week

Report writing on Cleanliness Week

Report Writing on School Organizing Cleanliness Week

Report writing on Cleanliness Week : Write a report on the ‘Cleanliness Week’ organised by your school recently. You are Sunil or Sunita of Govt. Sr. Sec. School Ratia.

Govt. Sr. Sec. School Ratia
Cleanliness Week
A Report

Ratia : Feb.24. A cleanliness week was organised in our school under the title ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ from November 16-22 to create awareness among students about cleanliness. During the first two days the students went from door to door in the village and motivated the villagers to keep their surrounding clean. Dustbins were put at different points in the streets and people were requested to use them. Dustbins were also put in every room and student took oath to keep the school clean. On third day slogan writing, poster making and essay writing competition were held in which all the students took part. On fourth day a debate on cleanliness was held. The teachers of our school helped the students. The last two days were given to students to clean and decorate their rooms. The students of tenth class bagged first position in class decoration competition. At the end of this celebration; our Principal thanked all the students and the teachers.

Reported by
Sunil/ Sunita
Class 12th

February 24, 2022

Students should keep in mind during Report Writing on Cleanliness Week

Students should keep in mind that a report can be of many kinds e.g. reporting events/news/messages/meetings/interviews etc. While writing a report keep in mind:-

1. We use past tense for a report. Normally a report relates to the events that have occurred. So we use past tense.
2. On top write the heading of the report. It should not be a full sentence
3. If the report is related to some institute, we write the address or name of the institute before the heading
4. Write the word-A Report
5. Write the name of place and date in extreme left.
6. Write in brief what you want to convey
7. At the end on left write- Reported by
8. Write the name of the reporter.
9. Enclose the written material in a box.

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