Report writing on Road Accident

Report writing on Road Accident

Report writing on Road Accident : Report writing elaborates on a topic by using the evaluated facts, graphs, and charts to support its findings and arguments. In report writing, an event or incident is written precisely in a well-formatted way. The aim of report writing is to discuss outcomes, to figure out problems, and find their solution.

Examples of Report writing on Road Accidents

 On 15 October 2021 early morning around eight O’clock, I met a severe accident that filled my eyes with tears. I was crossing the road when I saw two vehicles including a minibus and a van that was carrying some children and moving towards the school road. Both rammed into each other dangerously. The cause of that collision was the high speed of both the vehicles. As a result of the crash, three students from 4th, 5th, and 8th grade were killed on the spot.

The head of one student was hit by the van. The second student fell out on the road and had a critical injury. While third was pressed under a seat. The remaining students got seriously injured. All the students were taken to the nearest hospital. The students were shocked and unable to speak. They can’t even tell anything about them.

The driver of the school van was critically injured with three broken ribs and one leg. The hospital authority said that most of the injured students were in ventilation and 4 were somehow in stable condition after first aid. Most students had head injuries so, they got unconscious.

While turning the road towards school, the van crashed the minibus that was on the opposite side. The driver of the minibus had no serious injuries so, he succeeded to run away instantly. While van driver condition was critical and taken to hospital along with other students. Meanwhile, the police came and started the investigation of the accident. The police inspected the place of the accident and took both vehicles into their custody. They also started searching for the minibus driver.

Example 2: [Report writing on Road Accidents]

Yesterday, I met an accident when I was coming back home from my job. A truck with excessive speed bumped with a car on the highway. The car was crashed fatally and the owner along with his wife was dead on the spot. There were also two children in the car who were injured critically. They were taken to hospital but one of the children died on the way.

The other child was put in ICU. After one hour of reaching the hospital, he also failed his bet of life and the entire family was no more.

The police are looking for the truck driver who fled at the spot. The police are suspecting him whether he was intoxicated because they found three bottles of alcohol in the truck. Police seized the truck as well as the car for investigation. They are also searching for the truck owner as well. May the deceased rest in peace.

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