Rise of Model Olympic Games | Essay on Olympic Games for Students in English

Rise of Model Olympic Games | Essay on Olympic Games for Students in English

Rise of Model Olympic Games : The Olympic Games are known as the world’s foremost athletic competition. Over 200 nations participate in this event that happens once in 4 years. And in these four years, every two years, they alternate with the Summer and Winter Olympics. There has also been the addition of the Paralympic Games, the Youth Olympic Games, the five Continental Games, Deaflympics, the Special Olympics, and the World Games. This is for the inclusion of all athletes, non-disabled, disabled, and different age groups. The World Games is for sports that are not included in the main Olympic Games. Different nations host the games every Olympic. Some cities where these Games have been held are Vancouver, London, Sochi, Rio de Janeiro, Pyeongchang, Tokyo, etc.

A body known as the International Olympic Committee oversees all matters regarding the Olympic Games. It is an event that garners worldwide attention and gives all athletes an opportunity to bring honor to their nation.

Short and Long Essays on Olympics for Students and Kids in English

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Very Short Essay on Olympics 150 Words in English

The Olympic Games have a significant role and effect in the sports world but also culturally. It involves over 200 nations around the globe in the event that happens every four years. The Games are watched worldwide, not only by spectators but also by the international community, as the games are broadcasted worldwide. There are even archives with footage of the games so that they can be re-watched at any moment. The games have a strong impact on not only the personal but also the national and international identity as the games are a significant event. Nations take pride in athletes who have qualified for the games and even more for those who win medals. It is a sense of pride and an awareness of cultural heritage with the medals and the ceremonies in the Olympics. The Olympics have left a mark of pride on national identities over the years.

Short Essay on Olympics 200 Words in English

The Olympic Games first began in ancient Greece. They were of religious significance, being held in honor of Zeus in Olympia, Greece. The games were held every four-years with representatives from the various city-states competing in athletic competitions and combat sports like horse and chariot racing, pankration, and wrestling. The Games were supposed to be a sort of peace or truce between the city-states. It was called the Olympic peace by the Grecians.

Today too, it is held every four years, hosting various sports competitions. The Games were begun in the modern era in 1894 by Pierre de Coubertin, who was a French Baron. The first one was held in Athens, and then Spain, and Atlanta and so on, with the hosting country changing every year. Athletes worldwide, inclusive of age, gender, being able-bodied or disabled, can participate in the various events that the International Olympic Committee has added. The Games see widespread participation from multiple nations.

The World Wars stopped the Olympic Games, and the Cold War saw limited participation due to boycotts. The Games continued until 2020, when they were again postponed due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Essay on Olympics 250 Words in English

Introduction to Essay on Olympics: The Olympic Games began as an event hosting athletic and combat competitions between the various ancient Greek City-States. They started in Olympia in honor of Zeus. They were a sign of peace between the nations. However, the city-states kept fighting amongst each other. Regardless, the event was revived in the 1890s by French Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

Olympics in the Modern Era

The Olympic Games began with the first one being held in Athens and then continuing in different nations every four-years. There was then the addition of the Summer and Winter Olympics along with the Paralympic Games, World Games, etc. The Olympics are an international sports event, and winning medals here is considered to be of the highest honor in the sporting world. The Games are broadcast worldwide on live television and are also available on the internet archives so people can watch later on.

Athletes prepare themselves for years and years to be qualified for the games as only a limited number of people can participate from one country. When an athlete wins, it is a thing of great pride, and the athletes are welcomed with a grand celebration of their achievements. World records are created and broken every Olympic Games, and athletes continue to make history.

Conclusion on Olympics Essay

The Olympic Games are a very important event in the world of sports and the whole world. Political commentaries are also made when countries boycott, showing the impact and statement the games make in the world.

Long Essay on Olympics 400 Words in English

Introduction to Olympics Essay: The Olympics take place every four years, and the international sports community takes place in these games. The Olympics have an impact on personal and global identity, and it is a thing of great pride to win medals at the Olympics. It is an essential international social event that takes place.


The Olympic Games unite people internationally. It is the foremost sports competition in the world. There are the Winter and Summer Olympics that are held alternating as well. The sports that are included are the ones that the International Olympic Committee has registered. Athletes prepare themselves to qualify for the games before they can participate.

The Olympics, even historically, have been associated with a time of peace and truce where the ancient city-states didn’t go to war. Even today, they are a unifying event for people all over the world. Athletes and even those who just want to watch the sport.

The Games are broadcast worldwide for the international community to see. Even those who are not sportspersons take part in watching. This is due to the sense of patriotism that arises in people when they see representatives from their own nations watch the Games. The country becomes a sort of community that watches the games together and cheers on their athletes. This community serves to form a new identity that is united, even if it may just be for a short period of time. Their passion for their nation unites them even if the other person may be virtually unknown.


The Games see athletes of various countries compete together. It is seen as a symbol of brotherhood that transcends nationality. The Olympic logo is five interlinked rings representing unity among five continents – America, Africa, Australia, Europe, and Asia. The colors are blue, yellow, black, green, and red. The rings lie on a white background that makes up the flag. The Games begin with symbolic lighting of the torch in the opening ceremony. The athletes that are participating also take an oath in that ceremony.

In Ancient Greece, the winners were lauded with olive branches. Today that has changed to receiving medals and certificates. Gold, Silver, and Bronze, respectively. Those that win the Gold have the honor of singing their country’s national anthem during the ceremony.

Conclusion on Olympics Essay

The Games play a vital role in uniting the international community and recognizing the abilities of outstanding athletes.

Very Long Essay on Olympics 800 Words in English

Introduction: The Olympic Games consist of sports events that are held every four years in different host countries. They began in the 1890s and are overseen by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Ancient and Modern Games

The Games began in Ancient Greece in 776 BC. The games were of religious and political significance as they symbolized a truce between city-states that participated. Even then, the games were held every four years.

In 1896, the games were begun again by Pierre de Coubertin. The objective of his doing so was to increase international brotherhood and harmony through a universal love for sports.

The games are held in different nations every four years. This does have a major socio-economic impact on the country that is not always positive. This has been an issue that has been brought up before the IOC. The games are considered to be of the highest honor by all the nations that participate. The Games are divided into the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. The former, as the name suggests, takes place during the summer and the latter in mid-February.

Even the Olympic symbol of the five interlinked rings speaks of unity between the continents. The Olympic flame is symbolic of the link between the ancient games and the modern ones. The flames that are lit on the first day of the Games remain so until the last day. The athletes also take an oath of good sportsmanship and to respect the rules of the Games. There are about 38 games in the Olympics so far.

Laurel wreaths were lauded to the Olympic heroes in ancient times. Today it is medals of Gold, Silver, and Bronze for first, second, and third place, respectively. The national anthem is played during the ceremony of the representative’s nation that won first place. However, it is important to note that it was only in 1904 that the medal for the first prize was Gold. In 1896 it was silver first and gold second as the latter’s value was considered lesser than the former.

Political Impact

The Games also have a political impact, as seen by the boycott during the Cold War, and also the participation of the United States of America and the Soviet Union together that took place sometime after. The boycotting of nations makes a significant political statement.


The addition of the Paralympic Games, the Youth Olympic Games, the five Continental Games, Deaflympics, the Special Olympics, and the World Games shows inclusivity. Especially for the disabled community, who can now also participate without being shunned by the able-bodied community. The World Games includes those sports that are not included in the Winter and Summer Olympics.

Global Community

There is a sense of brotherhood and oneness that takes place during the Games. There are local, national, and even international communities that are formed, albeit temporarily, during the Games. There is a sense of nationalism and patriotism that brings people together. There is also a sense of camaraderie that is formed by the love for a sport. Even those who are not sportsmen come together to watch the Games with a sense of pride for those who participate.

There is great love and respect that is held for athletes who come home with medals by the national and the international community.

Olympic Village

The International Olympic Committee makes special arrangements for the games, the stay, and the commute of the athletes who are participating in the Games. The area in which the athletes stay is called the Olympic Village. The IOC makes sure that the host country has made proper arrangements for all that live there. The committee takes care of their stay, safety, living space, training grounds, transport, commute, etc.

Black Day for Olympics

The Black Day of the Olympic Games is 5th September 1972. The Games were held in Munich, Germany. Unfortunately, terrorists took advantage of the large gathering of people, and several athletes were killed that day.

Conclusion on Olympics Essay

The Olympic Games are an excellent event for bringing unity among the various nations with the representatives that they send that participate together. The Games promote unity and brotherhood, something that is important in this political climate. The Games are also beneficial for sportsmen and sportswomen that are acknowledged for their hard work and ability that is displayed in the Games. There is also a sense of national pride for those that go home with medals. They receive many accolades and awards from their home countries as well.

The French Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who began the Games, would be proud to see that his heart and objective behind reviving the Games lives on even after so many years. The same sense of brotherhood that he desired is seen evidently today as well.


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