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Save Girl Child Essay for Students and Children

Save Girl Child is a campaign started to get an awareness of saving the life of girls when they are in the mother’s womb. In India, people force women to abort, when they identify the baby inside the mother’s womb as a baby girl. After examining all these issues happening on the women/ girl child, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had started this campaign to save the girls in the country. Similar to the previous points the below essay on Save Girl Child was included with all the issues and benefits under this scheme. The outputs under this campaign and the role of the girl in society are explained in the below essay on Save Girl child and educating them.

Short Essay on Save Girl Child

India is one of the countries where women were treated like goddesses, and in the same way, the women were ill-treated in society. There is no difference between males and females, everyone is equal in everything but women will be the main source to give birth to the next generations. But this society will never want a girl in their life. If a family gets to know if a child in the mother’s womb is a baby boy they will feel very excited about the child. Whereas if they found that the baby is a girl, then the mother was forcibly foeticide by their family members. This practice is increasing day by day from the past, which results in an imbalanced sex ratio in the present day. In India according to the 2011 census, there are only 940 females for every 1000 males.

After undergoing all the discussions about women’s safety, girl childbirth, educating girl children the government came forward and bought the acts, campaigns for girls/women. Under this, Save Girl child is one of the campaigns for saving women and girls of India. The motto of the Save Girl child campaign is to increase the girl birth rate and help their families to fulfill all the girl’s needs. There are many schemes by the Government of India for girls starting with their birth to till the marriage of a girl and it even continues till death. All these schemes are bought and do not move into people’s minds. So the government started a campaign across the country to educate and awareness on saving girl children for the people. In present days women and men had become equally competitive in every sector of Indian society.

Long Essay on Save Girl Child

Women are an important part of the human cycle, without women the human cycle cannot further be repeated. The life of humans that exists on earth is dependent on the women ratio equally to men. Even all the people know about this still, they were killing the women, girls, and aborted the girl child in the womb of the mother. In India, it had become a tradition to foeticide when the baby in the womb is identified as a girl child. The people of India had created that boy child will bring social status in society. All these people will look for a boy child who will help all the needs and economic improvement of their family. By all these activities the ratio of women and birth of a girl child was decreasing rapidly year by year.

People should be blessed to have a girl child in their families. In present days women are in every part of the society and capable to work as men and being equal to men. In India, some companies are working only with women and reaching success in the markets. The women are taking the development steps of the nation by working hard more extra than men. As the women are moving into society in search of opportunities society in return starts discrimination against them by various activities. In India, there is a high crime rate towards women, crimes like rape, foeticide, killing, harassing, teasing, molesting, etc. Some of these activities develop fear in other women and makes them think while moving into society.

The government of India after observing all these activities towards women and girl child had decided to bring the rules for the safety of the women. In India there is high female foeticide about the girl child, it is the initial task for the government for saving the girl child. The government started schemes like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Sykanya Samridhhi Yojana, Balika Samriddi Yojana, Cbse Scholarship, etc. All these schemes help the girl child families and girls in every part of their life. For Save Girl child the scheme Beti Bachao Beti Padhao means to save the girl and educate a girl.

Saving a Girl child is very important in the present generation, according to the latest population census of India, which says that gender ratio with male to female is 1000:940. In the present day itself, there is a lack of 60 females who are the need to continue the future generation of India. If the girls were not saved even today it may lead to an end for human beings on the earth. People should be conscious that a girl is not a burden to the family and a girl is equal to 10 sons of the family.

The conclusion of the Essay on the Save Girl child is that every girl should be treated like a mother in society. A Girl will be a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend. In all these roles a girl will take care of the world in every situation. So if we kill a girl or foeticide then we are losing a mother, sister, wife, and daughter. Not only the government but people should also think about the world and start saving the Girl child.

Quotes on Save Girl Child

  • Save the future mothers and grandmothers. Save Girls
  • Save Girl Child “Think a World without Us”
  • Girls Are Great, Don’T Destroy Their Fate
  • A Girl Child Brings Joy, She Is No Less Than A Boy
  • Don’t Let Their Lives End Before It Even Begins
  • Let Your Daughter Grow, Be Her Friend Not Her Foe
  • Kill girl child today and there will be no girls left tomorrow
  • Save girls to save future generations
  • We love girlfriend but not daughter – Strange but true
  • Whether It’S A Girl Or A Boy, They Will Bring You Lots Of Joy


We believe that the above essay on Save Girl Child will help to know the importance of a girl to the world. We hope that these essays will help you to enhance your knowledge and be helpful at needed times.

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