Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished?

A Speech On “Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished?”

Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished?: Every single day, many people are sentenced to death or executed in the nations as punishment for various crimes, sometimes even for acts that are not criminalized. In many countries, it can be for act of terrorism or murder or even drug related crimes.

Should The Death Penalty Be Abolished?

Around 106 countries have abolished the death penalties by the end of 2019. In my opinion, a death penalty could be an easy escape way for certain criminals. They would accept it as a prize given to them.

There are various forms of death penalties like death by hanging, gas chamber, lethal injection, stoning to death and few more. Most of the time these death penalties are never given properly to the right crimes. So here are few points why death penalties should be abolished;

  • We can’t take back one’s executed, who knows an innocent might get wrongfully executed. These penalties are irreversible. A judgment made out in a sudden might affect the life of an innocent. For many cases, some officials find it easier to charge an innocent for closing the case and these people might end up being executed for nothing.
  • The cost of death penalties are very high. Most of the taxpayers believe that the cost of imprisonment is more expensive. Truth is the case for a murder trial takes up more time and cost when it has to be a decision that leads to a death penalty. The cost for the court people such as the judge, public prosecutors, public defence and court reporters are mostly taken by the taxpayers money in a nation. In many cases, the defendants are not able to afford their own attorneys; then ones appointed might be underpaid, less experienced or overworked for such death cases.
  • Emotional conditions of the family members of a victim of the death penalty. A lot of families and loved ones of the murder victims of a death penalty, request and support for different alternatives to such penalties, because this could be a traumatizing experience for these families that takes a lot of time to relieve from the pain and suffering of the death of their loved one. A life without being able to see them at least on parole could be like a non-healing wound.
  • Alternatives can be helpful for those victims of a death penalty. Death penalties can be avoided, specially it’s avoided for juniors; but this judgement is sentenced without any parole for lifetime. This gives them immense opportunity to think and change themself and this is a cheaper sentence for tax-payers which will also keep away the violent offenders off the streets.
  • Death penalties won’t deter the crime rates around us. After conducting various surveys, it’s proven that carrying out more death penalties won’t reduce the crime rate in a nation. Criminals believe this as a simple act of escapism rewarded to their criminal activities. In some nations, murder rates have increased more due to these penalties.

Death penalties will be carried out, but let’s make sure it’s for the right case.

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