top 45+ new year’s goals/resolutions ideas for 2022

top 45+ new year’s goals/resolutions ideas for 2022

top 45+ new year’s goals/resolutions ideas for 2022 : Let’s check out the complete list of 45+ New Year’s Resolutions for 2022 now.

top 45+ new year’s goals/resolutions ideas for 2022

1. Healthy food

What you take, plays a very critical role in your life, and happiness. If you take healthy foods then you can live a healthy lifestyle. And the one who has good health will have a healthy mind too.

So If you choose healthy food. It will reflect in your daily life. Healthy fresh food gives you more energy to work. Our body is designed to digest all the food which we get from mother nature.

That’s the reason that nature created different food for different regions in the world, foods are grown as per the need of the particular area of the earth, if you live in the area where cold weather, daily snow raining is common then there 100% surety that nature has given you some great food to keep your body heat up, Like different types of nuts as Almonds, Cashew, Peanuts and more.

And if you live in hot reasons where the weather usually is hot then nature will give you food like Watermelon, Guava, Mangoes and more.

2. Walk up early in the morning and sleep early at night

Walk up early in the morning and sleep early at night. As it the old saying in English too. Early to rise early to bed makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. And it is very true too. If you walk early and sleep on time you will a lot of positive differences in your overall health.

Walking early has a lot of other benefits too like you can save more time, you have more time to do your important work first, you have a lot of time to plan your day better, you have time to exercise daily, and many more.

3. Learning something new every day or every week or every month

We are human beings and learning makes us greater than any other species in the universe. Learning new things not just differentiates us from other species but also differentiates us from other humans too.

We are human being, what differentiate us from other creatures, is our knowledge and mind, We have a better brain which gives us the capability to think and evaluate what is right and what is wrong.

Learning new things every day makes you smart and successful in life.

Let’s take some examples to prove it, imagine you want to start a business but don’t have much knowledge of how to do that. How will do that now? There are chances that you may say that I will do MBA or other equivalent degree or courses to learn that.

But what do think that only doing MBA is enough for learning business, as MBA is just the studying some books in the university. But actual business is not of that kind.

4. Be active do some exercise daily

Be active do some exercise daily: It is a very essential and important life lesson everyone should take seriously before your body starts catching diseases. You may not be much serious about your health, but you can’t ignore that, You may be careless today when you are healthy but if you don’t make the habit of keeping your body active, hydrated, and energetic, then you will repent of your health in future.

But now the question is how to do exercise in today’s busy schedule, where every second person is doing the job for someone of having his own business. Some people claim that they don’t have time for exercise but it is just a pure excuse nothing else more.

There are people who are millionaires and billionaires who have a lot of time to visit their favorite destinations and do exercise or yoga daily. There hardly maybe someone who is rich but not healthy. Your health plays a very important role in your success.

If you are running a business but suffering from different diseases, you can’t go much far in your life. So make yourself more healthy this year.

5. Be savvy

Be savvy. Being savvy is very important to succeed in your life, by being savvy you can manage your expenses better. Being savvy in your life, teach you the important lessons of money management.

One who keeps this important thing in mind, live a better and happy life compared to those who don’t save money for their future plans and more. If you save money for the future then you can save yourself from the uninvited problems like lack of money for starting a new business or investing in a new business.

There are some instances in our life when you run out of money and you need urgent money for some family problems, but no one is there who can help you in your tough times, so you must have some separately so that you can be tension free.

6. Make new connections

Making new connections plays a great role in the success of our business and in our personal life as well. A person who has more connections will do more progress in life compared to those who have no connections or have very few connections.

Making new connections in life is very important as it opens more opportunities for getting success in life. Imagine you want to do business, have no knowledge or experience to do business, how will you do that now?

But having good connections can help you in that a lot. You can take help from your friends at any time.

7. Respect everyone

Respect everyone, giving respect to the people opens up the door of good connections and success in our life. As it is the human tendency to seek respect from others. People want respect first.

Lookin inside you, what do you want money, or respect first. What if I give you money but insult you on daily basis, will you accept that. There would hardly be someone who will say yes, and that would also be for short time. No one can bear it for a long time.

And that’s the reason, if you give respect to others then they will also start giving respect to you back. Giving respect to others opens their heart for us, they start sharing their personal life experience with you more openly, which ends up in friendship very soon.

Some people find their first love this way, some find their best friends and some others. So now behave the people the way you want others to behave to you. If you want others to talk to you politely then talk to others politely too.

8. Live a balanced life

Life becomes more beautiful when you live a balanced life, now some people may be new to this kind of thing as they never gave it a single thought that is it missing in their life or not. Is they are living a balanced life or just keep going in life with the flow without giving it a conscious thought that what they are doing or the way they are living it, is that way the right way to live the life or not.
Living an unbalanced life does not show any negative impacts on us but when we live it for longer then it starts showing many side effects of our unbalanced life. Now some may be thinking that after all what is this balanced life, that I am talking about?

What is a balanced life?

We are human beings and we have many things with us like our family, friends, relationships, health, entertainment, and many more. What if you forget your family while doing work, and all the time you just focus on work or money only, you will face many problems in future just because of this, that you ignored the family.

Everyone has some responsibility for his family, which we need to fulfill on time. Like you can’t ignore looking after your children and wife. They need your love and care from time to time.

9. Be responsible

Be responsible for what you are doing, especially if something has gone wrong due to your mistakes then accept those mistakes. It is a very important business lesson, if you learn this business lesson timely then you can do much progress in your life. It is an important lesson for building a business empire. People who take responsibility for the loss in business and life are preferred by the people more and people start following such people.

10. Don’t take it too seriously

Life is too short taking everything too seriously is not a good thing. Sometimes you just enjoy the lose and failures in your life. As you can not control everything. You can try your best but things will work the way they should be. There are a lot of people who try to control everything and when things go out of control they start crying, which should not be part of a happy life. If you want a happy life then you must learn to ignore some things, like good times are not stable so the bad times.

If you are facing bad times in your life, have patience and wait for the good times. There would be times when everything would fall as you want that.

11. Take some risks this year

There are a lot of people who fear to take even a small risk in their life, but they forget one thing that without taking risks, nothing big happens. If you want to do something big then must learn to take the calculated risks in your life.
Every person has different types of comfort zones which they fear breaking, but you are to break that comfort zone this year. Like if you are in a job then there may be a comfort zone of doing a 9-5 job, but your heart says to do something your own, where you can live your life freely.

Or you want to go visit different places in the world but don’t have money to go there or don’t have time from your job. But this takes the risk to say no to your job and do something of your own. Where you can do whatever you want to do.

Or you already have a business but don’t like the one that you are doing and want to change the business that you are doing now. But fear to take the risk and every year settle for the same business in fear.

Take the risk to change the business this year and start something new that you want to do now. Life is too short to settle for those things which you don’t like. live your life to the fullest.

Evaluate the risk and know what is the worst situation maybe if you take a risk in your life today of changing business.

Most of the time fear is just due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Grow your knowledge and know the worst situation and take calculated risks.

12. Live in the moment

There are people who try to live there in such a way where everything is under their control, they think that the future will be in their control, and things will happen as they planned today. But things don’t work this way.
There can be some instances that things fell the way you planned but will not work every time.

We are human beings and can live in the present only, we have the power to plan the future and do our best in the present. Once you will start focusing on the present, our future will start changing automatically.

13. Invest in yourself

This year make a habit of investing in yourself. Self-investment can be done through various ways like you take admission in some new communication classes or you can learn a new language or can learn a website designing or new business skills and so on. You are what you learned in the past, will be what you will learn today. Your learning plays a very important role in your earnings too.

It is the old saying the more you learn to more you earn!“.

Imagine you are good at writing and start a content writing business or freelancing and after having a lot of experience you learn website building too. Then you can start your own blog website too.

And if you keep your learning continue and learn new skills like video editing and shooting and start a YouTube channel, and start earning from YouTube too. The same way the more you earn the more opportunities will come on your way. So make it a habit to learn something new whenever you get free time.

14. Start meditation or Yoga every day

Yoga and meditation are not much different as mediation is the part of Yoga but meditation is the most recommended practice in Yoga which can improve your mental and physical health both.
Although meditation does not require much physical activity still it has a great impact on our physical health too. When we do meditation our minds release positivity in our bodies and create anti-aging and anti-disease vibes.

Mediation will improve your mental health and boost your brainpower and memory, also help you in managing your anger, and make you patient. You can do your work more efficiently.

15. Make a health goal

Health is the first priority, which should be for everyone too. Without good health, no one can survive much in any profession. Health is not just important for doing professional works but it is important to live a happy life too.
It is your good health that insists you too work hard in your life and achieve big dreams.

So now the question is, what can you do for your good health. There are many different ways to keep you healthy. In which some are expensive for some people and some are very easy and easy to do.

Like if you have money then you can join some professional health clubs like Gym, dance classes, or Yoga classes too. But there are chances that some people may not have money for these things, in that case, you can do some free options like you can do cardio, Yoga from home with the help of watching Youtube videos, exercise at home, dance at home and so on.

There are many other things that can be done if you are ready to change yourself.

16. Ignore negative people

There are so negative people around us who always will find something negative in you, in your work, and anything that you show them they will find something negative. It is the time to say goodbye to such people. Welcome positive new people in your life and learn from the people.

17. Spend some time alone

Spending some time alone teaches a lot of things about life. It is a time when you can go inside yourself and can ask questions to yourself, like what is life? and why are you here in this universe?
Spending some time with yourself is the process of self-realization. Once you learn to spend some time yourself your life becomes easier, and you start loving yourself.

You lose your worries and be happy now.

18. Stop complaining

Almost 90% of people have this habit, they complain a lot all the time about everything that happens against expectation. They want everything as per their choice and want to get everything.
They want everything for free without paying for that, but they forget there is nothing free in this world. You will have to pay some value for everything. If you want to get money in your life, you will have to work and have to learn a lot of money-making skills so that you can get a good job or can start your own business.

And if you want good health you will have to sweat in Gym or will have to exercise at home with that it is not possible that you can get good health and comfort at a time. You will have to leave your comfort if you want something good in your life that you don’t have right now.

Some people even complain to God for their situation, they think God is doing bad with them and but they don’t know that God is no one’s friend or enemy, everyone is equal to him. He does not do injustice to anyone.

So he made the rule of Karma. If you do Karma you will get the result as per your Karma and situation. If you do the thing in the right direction at the right time then magic will happen. So next time if you too feel low and complain about yourself think about million and billion of those who are so misfortune that they even don’t have access to needy things like food and water on a daily basis.

19. Don’t try to change other

Life is too short to change someone who doesn’t care about you. People are born with some qualities, of which some are bad and some are good. You can’t change anyone. It is their own mindset that changes them.
You can’t change anyone, so why should you waste your time on such things which don’t work, Instead of changing someone else, you should work on yourself. Your all focus should be on yourself only. This habit will make you a better version of yourself.

20. Don’t talk negative things about other

There are a lot of people who love to gossip or talk negative things about others without any reason. Which even don’t need to. As you get nothing out of that. Second, it is bad for our brain, as the brain makes a pattern of the habits, that we do on daily basis.
If we will do something negative in our life, our brains still are there to adapt those habits. And once the brain makes it part of your life, It will be hard to quit those habits, so be conscious of whatever you are doing.

As there is said about habits “Bad habits die heart!” means bad habits take time.

Why should we do that which is only trouble for us and for our brain?

21. Talk less do more

This is one of the secrets of almost every rich and successful person in this world. They don’t believe in talking they do work. They know that there is no benefit to talking so they keep their focus on work.
Second people like to see results, they don’t mean what you said. If you are a winner people will support you and be with you but if you lose they will insult you and laugh at you. People don’t care about the losers.

22. Keep your goals in writing

Everyone has some dream as he grows but many times he forgets his dream due to problems in life.
But when you keep those in writing they be always in your mind and things start happening as of your wish. The Law of attraction also works there.

23. Think Big

This year makes it a mind to think big only, whenever and whatever you plan this year. Have a big picture of that in your mind.

If you make a financial goal to earn 1million this year then try a bigger goal like a 10 million goal of 100 million or as per bigger you can.

If you plan to make yourself fit, make a goal to be a fitness trainer or Yoga trainer.

24. Write down your next day plan in advance

Most of us plan our day on the same day which is one of our big mistakes, as this habit takes a lot of time from our life and decreases our productivity too. But when you have a plan for the day in advance you know what you are going to do today.

Then you can do that work happily and efficiently.

Making plans for the next day also helps us to live our lives in a better way. As we can plan it better when we plan it in the night when you go to sleep.

25. Learn a new skill every month or within 3 months

As we can learn a new skill in a month and if the skill is a little complicated then it may take some more time like three months or more. Learning new skills makes you more confident in your personal and professional life.

You do you work more efficiently and get new ideas as per your skills. As it is a saying in business too that “The more you learn the more you earn!” It is true too. If you have a skill then your mind will be broad and open.

It will give you more ideas in business to do, as per your existing skills. If you have more than one skill then you will get more ideas in your life. So the more skill you acquire the chances are more success you will get in your life.

26. Give 5minutes to 30 minutes for meditation daily

Meditation is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. As all our are living in a very busy lifestyle and don’t have much time to our self too.

It becomes more necessary to give some time to ourselves for doing meditation. Meditation relaxes our mind and increases the productivity of our brain too.

27. Do your small work yourself

Make a habit of doing yourself. It will make you more active and responsible.

28. Do something courageous daily

Always try something scary that you scare you. It will give you the confidence to fight with obstacles and will make you stronger.

29. Help someone who really needs someone

This world is full of unfortunate people who face so many problems in their life from food to home they have nothing, spend their day and night on the roadside, and fight for the food daily.

30. Choose eco-friendly things

We have already made our environment too polluted let’s try to lesser it with some positive approaches like quitting the use of plastic as possible.

31. Plant more trees

This year take a pledge to plant more and more trees.

32. Say goodbye to bad friends

There used to be some good friends and some bad ones too, but this year say goodbye to your bad friends who teach you bad things.

33. Take the stair

Humans are the laziest creation ever born in this universe, it is in our blood to be lazy and look for comfort but this comfort is not for our body and overall health so let’s start by taking stairs whenever possible.

34. Don’t buy things you don’t need

Many times we buy those things which we even don’t need, but it is not a good thing for our financial freedom. If you want to be rich stop buying those things which you don’t need. As warren buffet said, “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”

35. Do one thing at a time

Almost everyone loves to do multi-tasking but this habit is not good in many productive and important works. It also increases the load on our brain and makes that tired.

36. Drink more water

Our body is 75% water and we need more water than food. Whenever you feel tired have some fresh or warm water, it will give your brain a boost.

37. Be grateful for everything you have

There are a lot of people who lack the things you have today. So be grateful for that.

38. Turn off your mobile at night

We all have the habit to keep our mobile below the pillow, but it is not a good habit at all, mobile radiation is bad for our brain and also decrease our sleeping habit.

39. Visit new places

Must visit a new place every month or quarterly if possible, It will open up your mind, and you will better understand about the world.

40. Read one book a month

Last but not the least, it is one of the best habits you can take this year. As reading makes you confident, opens your brain, gives you more ideas, and you can learn from someone else’s life.

One good book can change your entire life. As you can read the entire life of a person by his book.

41. Make more than one income stream

Once you feel your one income source is doing great, try something new with that. If you will have to learn new things for that learn. As you will never know, that the business or job you are doing right now, will stay how long?

So be futuristic, and think this way like if you lose the business or current job, what will you do?

Second learning new skills will teach you a lot of new things, and your mind will be more open to new opportunities. You can explore more business ideas out of common problems.

42. Stop Angering

No one loves those who are always angry, people look for someone with whom they can share their feelings openly. If you are the one who is always angry with his children or wife or employee or anyone.

Should say it’s enough, now try opposit and see the difference in your life.

43. Give more take less

Let’s make this year the best year of your life, by giving others what they need without expecting anything in the back. In our life, most of the time we expect something in the back, but how many times we get, very few times, and this makes us uncomfortable in giving anything to anyone.

But this year you are to give everything unconditionally. And look how happy you be after giving this way. How things will change in your life.

You will be happier, and more satisfied, You will feed the satisfaction in your life.

People will automatically start giving you back, as it is the human tendency to have something first then give back. So if you will take the initiative of giving you will get more in return. If you need money, give money to those who need that.

If you need love, give love to other first.

44. Take a long holiday this year

If you are the one who always is busy with his work, either you are in a job profession or have your own business, it does not matter. Your family expecting some beautiful moments to spend with each other.

Make a plan to explore a beautiful place where your family always wants to go, but due to your busy schedule, they could not go there.

But this year is different, you are to give a surprise to your family and to those who are dependent on you. Believe me, your life will be more beautiful after that.

45. Clean your workplace daily

If you are the one who does not care about the cleaning of the work station then this year make a habit of cleaning your work-station daily, It will make you feel more workaholic and you will feel to work more in such atmosphere.

You can focus on your work better.

Our mind does not like dirty things, and it is true about our workplace, If you do the work in a dirty place you will tired soon. And feel like to sleep.

46. Start something that you dreamed

There are dreams in our mind which we see every year to accomplish but sometimes due to our lazy decisions and some times due to some serious problems we could not work on our dreams.

But this year you are to take the action in the direction of your dreams.


These are the top 45+ new year’s goals/resolutions ideas for 2022. I hope you liked all these resolutions. If you like the above resolutions then share them with your loved ones.

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