USA States

Spelling of all 50 States of USA

USA States : There are 50 USA states, including Alaska near the arctic and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. Originally there were 13 states located on the East Coast, which were ruled by England until 1776.

USA States

Today, each state establishes laws, but they are ruled by the Federal Government. Most curriculums will require students to learn how to spell each state correctly as well as know its abbreviation.

United States Worksheets

Our elementary school introduces the fifty states in fifth grade. Each student must be able to identify the location of each state. We created the two worksheets above to offer assistance. After a child knows the location of each state, they are then expected to be able to spell each state correctly. Our fifth grade spelling program divided the 50 states into 3 sections. We created the following worksheets to help your child learn how to spell the fifty states correctly.

USA States and Capitals

We listed the 50 USA states and capitals below as well as an abbreviation, meaning of the state name and date of entry into the union.

USA 50 States and Capitals

State Abbr Capital Date of Entry Meaning of State Name
Alabama AL Montgomery 1819 Choctaw – thicket clearers
Alaska AK Juneau 1959 Inuit – great land
Arizona AZ Phoenix 1912 Papago – place of small spring
Arkansas AR Little Rock 1836 Quapaw – south wind
California CA Sacramento 1850 Spanish – earthly paradise
Colorado CO Denver 1876 Spanish – red (color of the earth)
Connecticut CT Hartford 1788 Mohican – at the long tidal river
Delaware DE Dover 1787 Named for Lord De La Warr, an English governor
Florida FL Tallahassee 1845 Spanish – feast of flowers
Georgia GA Atlanta 1788 Named for George II of England
Hawaii HI Honolulu 1959 Hawaiian – homeland
Idaho ID Boise 1890 Shoshone – light on the mountain
Illinois IL Springfield 1818 Algonquin – warriors
Indiana IN Indianapolis 1816 English – land of the Indians
Iowa IA Des Moines 1846 Dakota – the sleepy one
Kansas KS Topeka 1861 Sioux – land of the south wind people
Kentucky KY Frankfort 1792 Iroquois – meadow land
Louisiana LA Baton Rouge 1812 Named for Louis XIV of France
Maine ME Augusta 1820 Named after a French province
Maryland MD Annapolis 1788 Named for Henrietta Maria, queen of Charles I of England
Massachusetts MA Boston 1788 Algonquin – place of the big hill
Michigan MI Lansing 1837 Chippewa – big water
Minnesota MN St. Paul 1858 Dakota Sioux – sky-colored water
Mississippi MS Jackson 1817 Chippewa – big river
Missouri MO Jefferson City 1821 Algonquin – river of the big canoes
State Abbr Capital Date of Entry Meaning of State Name
Montana MT Helena 1889 Spanish – mountains
Nebraska NE Lincoln 1867 Omaha – river in the flatness
Nevada NV Carson City 1864 Spanish – snowy
New Hampshire NH Concord 1788 Named after an English county
New Jersey NJ Trenton 1787 Named after Isle of Jersey in England
New Mexico NM Santa Fe 1912 Named after Mexico (Aztec war god, Mextli)
New York NY Albany 1788 Named for the Duke of York and Albany
North Carolina NC Raleigh 1789 Named for Charles I and Charles II of England
North Dakota ND Bismarck 1889 Sioux – friend
Ohio OH Columbus 1803 Iroquois – fine or good river
Oklahoma OK Oklahoma City 1907 Choctaw – red people
Oregon OR Salem 1859 Spanish – land of wild sage
Pennsylvania PA Harrisburg 1787 Named for William Penn and Latin woodland
Rhode Island RI Providence 1790 Dutch – red clay
South Carolina SC Columbia 1788 Named for Charles I and Charles II of England
South Dakota SD Pierre 1889 Sioux – friend
Tennessee TN Nashville 1796 Cherokee settlement name, Tanasi
Texas TX Austin 1845 Spanish – allies
Utah UT Salt Lake City 1896 Ute – people of the mountains
Vermont VT Montpelier 1791 French – green mountain
Virginia VA Richmond 1788 Named for Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen Of England
Washington WA Olympia 1889 Named for George Washington
West Virginia WV Charlestown 1863 Resulted from Virginia’s western counties refusing to seceded from US in 1863
Wisconsin WI Madison 1848 Chippewa – grassy place
Wyoming WY Cheyenne 1890 Algonquin – place of the big flats


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