Use of Is Am Are

Use of Is Am Are

Use of Is Am Are : The helping verbs “is/am/are” are used with the main verbs in a sentence to make a proper verb tense that completes the meaning of the sentence.

Use of Is Am Are

“Is, am, are” is a present form of the verb, in general. “Am” is used with the pronouns “I”“Is” is used along with the pronouns like he, she, it, and all singular noun names. “Are” is used along with the pronoun like you, we, they, and all plural noun names.

Such as,

Sr no. Subject Helping Verb
1) He Is
2) She Is
3) It Is
4) Proper Noun Is
5) Title Is
6) I Am
7) You Are
8) We Are
9) They Are
10) Plural Noun Are

Let’s Learn Use of Is Am Are

Subject A form of be + Verbing Rest of Sentence
I am playing on the ground.
He / She / It is reading a novel at the movement.
You / We / They are suffering for headache.

‘Am’ – used with the first person in a sentence, like ‘I.’

  • ‘Is’ – used with the third person in a sentence, like ‘he, she, it. and proper nouns’
  • ‘Are’ – used with the second and third person in a sentence, like ‘you, we, they and plural nouns’.

Examples of is am are in Assertive Sentences

  1. am writing a letter.
  2. She is working in an orphanage.
  3. They are pulling the truck.
  4. Ben is playing football with his friends.
  5. You are speaking the French language.
  6. The Home Minister is distributing the blankets to the poor people.
  7. Today, Ramesh is coming with his family to our house.
  8. They are performing well in the program.
  9. My Friend is asking the shopkeeper for a soft drink.
  10. am standing in front of the Blue colored sports car.

Examples of is, am, are in Negative Sentences

  1. Some of them are not listening to their teacher.
  2. We are not coming to the rally of this corrupt politician.
  3. She is not performing anything in front of the judges.
  4. It is not your fault.
  5. They are not looking towards the stage.
  6. am not going anywhere to work.
  7. We are not accepting this mistake because we are innocents.
  8. Komal is not resigning from her post of Marketing Manager.
  9. Abhishek is not following his favorite actor, Hrithik.
  10. The audience is not going back from the stage.

Examples of is, am, are in Interrogative Sentences

  1. Is he acting in the classroom?
  2. Are you not coming to our birthday party?
  3. Am I looking like a monkey?
  4. Are you making a joke of me?
  5. Is she crying there?
  6. Am I not playing well in the game?
  7. Is it your fault?
  8. Are we dancing like a joker?
  9. Is she singing a song at today’s function?
  10. Are they writing their exams?


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