What is a interjection definition examples

What is a interjection, definition, examples, meaning

What is a interjection definition examples :  As far as interjection definition is concerned it is a word or phrase which is used to express feelings in an exclamatory style and provides a sudden response. It is used often to convey emotions and feelings. A cry or unarticulated utterance also included through the definition of interjection. It works as grammatically free words or phrases that are placed around it. Interjection is outpoured as immediate reaction or feeling. It is considered as diverse phenomena of grammar because there are number of parts of speech encompassed in it. They are not required in every case to convey a clear meaning.

What is a interjection definition examples

In the beginning of Interjection meaning as we have been discussed above the use of interjection is highly recommended in our daily conversation because it is source of transferring strong emotions and feelings immediately. It is also used to make diction more expressive. There is no need of more descriptive words when there is interjection used in a sentence. It is used to highlight the instances of happiness, sorrow, disgust and refusal. In order to develop a colorful rhetoric in a conversation or sentence we can use interjection. In a paragraph writing it can be used to produce an over whelming effect for readers. There is also dire need to maintain the use of interjection in your writing process. You should allow minimum use of interjection in writing process but in daily communication you are at large to speak these words.

How to use interjection?

They are used as unrelated words or phrases to rest of the sentence. They work or stand itself in a sentence or conversation. Therefore, interjections are separated from the remaining sentence with the help of comma and exclamation point. Interjections can be placed in the beginning, middle and in the end of sentence to convey deep or strong feelings.

At the beginning of a sentence

Interjection at the beginning of the sentence is placed by comma. Most commonly interjections are placed at the beginning of a sentence.

Interjection Examples

Oh yes, we have defeated opposition.

Oh no, they lost the battle against army troops.

Oh no. he has stolen his beautiful camera.

At the middle of a sentence

It may be placed in the center of sentence to convey a special effect by speaker or author in writing process. It is used to depict feelings or emotions practiced by any character.

Interjection Examples

He moved straight to other direction on the road. Someone be kind, gosh, he is helpless.

At the end of a sentence

Interjections are often used or placed at the end of a sentence. They are followed by a comma.

Interjection Examples

I guess we are going to marry soon, huh?

I ordered you not to cook food, my goodness.

I’m waiting impatiently to see you here, cheers!

As stand alone

Interjection in a sentence can stand alone or independently in a sentence. These most commonly used interjections are punctuated with the help of an exclamation point.

Interjection Examples

Alas! He left me deserted in my sorrows and bad days.

Hurrah! I have won her lovely heart.

Oh! The baby broke the toy.

Oh, what a beautiful village?

At the end we can say that what is a interjection, definition, examples, meaning unveil it is a word or phrase which is used to express feelings in an exclamatory style and provides a sudden response.

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