Write a Letter to your family members about your Experience of Covid-19

Write a Letter to your family members about your Experience of Covid-19


Write a Letter to your family members about your Experience of Covid-19

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Write a Letter to your family members about your Experience with Covid-19

Lal Chauraha
Date: 02 August 2021

I am quite well here now and hope that you will be healthy and happy with my respected mom and dear little sister Nisha.

My loving Father as you know that I got infected with Covid-19 in June 2021. Now I want to express my views & experience of that worse time, that is why I am writing this letter.

As you know that after the end of the 1st wave of Covid-19 many schools started to open but at this time the 2nd wave of the Covid-19 is increasing rapidly.

As a result, many students from my schools, as well as the hostel, were infected with the 2nd wave of Covid-19. I’m also one of them.

Along with fever, I have almost every symptom of Covid-19. After that, I and some other students got Covid tested and the report of seven students came out positive. Of which I was also one.

After this, the health department team reached the school and took a total of 150 samples of students and staff members of the hostel.

A total of 15 of those were found to be Covid infected. on receiving this information, the health department and the administration immediately took action.

A team was sent to our school and hostel. The work of sanitization has been started.

However, all the students had got Covid tested while coming from home to the hostel, so it is possible that during the journey one of us may have come in contact with the Covid infection.

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After all, this happened I and all the other people were immediately admitted to the hospital by the hostel administration. It was really a difficult time for me.

I was feeling completely alone. I was missing mom a lot. Although I was constantly in touch with all of you on the phone, still I was missing my lovely home.

My health was getting worse. I was having breathing trouble. it seemed as if something was pricking in my chest. Those were the worst days of my life.

When I was in so much trouble, I was sick and I had none of my own. I understood the importance of family that day very well. Although the doctors of that hospital were so good.

They treated me very well and yes, the nurse sister was decent. he took care of me just like my real sister. she used to give me all the medicine on time.

The ayurvedic drink called Kadha, which was sent from the hostel’s mess was also given to us by the nurse sister in the morning and evening. that drink- Kadha was very bitter but drinking it gave me immense relief and felt good.

After five days, my health started improving with the medicines of doctors and your prayers. the fever also did not come and the cough had also been much cured. After that my blood was tested again.

And this time my Covid report came negative. I was very happy as if someone had won a big battle. I was cured I could not believe it. I was sent to the hostel from the hospital.

My dear pap, this was such an experience of mine with Covid. my experience with Covid was very bad. but as you always say that every incident that happens to us always gives a lesson to us.

Similarly, corona also taught me a lot as if a little carelessness can cause a lot of trouble for us. surely, there was negligence in taking all Covid precautions by any one person from all of us.

That is why the Covid spread in this way among us. but no matter, there is a famous saying that “it is good that the end is good”. may god never show such a day again in my life.

At present, there is not a single case of Covid in our school and hostel. All those who were infected with Covid have been cured.

The hostel and the school administration informed all the safety measures once again for all students and instructed them to strictly follow all the measures. right now I am very healthy. So, my dear papa and mom…Don’t worry at all.

I am doing my study very well. my preboard exams are going on. Board exams will be next month. for which I am preparing with full energy.

hopefully, like every time, this time also your son will pass with excellent marks. I know that your blessings will always be with me.

I will come home as soon as the exams will over. My greetings to my mom and grandma. Lots of love to Priya.

Your Loving Son


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